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Tinder review 2022: Just fakes or real hot dates?

Tinder review 2022: Just fakes or real hot dates?
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Pros and Cons

  • You can download the mobile app via the App Store and Google Play Store.
  • Easy sign-up process.
  • It has a user-friendly interface.
  • You can use Tinder with little profile information.
  • Anonymous browsing and interaction.
  • It provides networking, socializing, and hookup platform for everyone.
  • Excellent matchmaking algorithm.
  • It’s among the pioneer hookup site that allows users to use the swipe feature.
  • Excellent security provisions (the Noonlight feature allows members to share first-time date experiences).
  • You can do a lot like a standard subscriber, including searching for a compatible partner.
  • You can link to other digital media such as Snapchat and Spotify.
  • Members can like other profiles.
  • VIP members have a passport feature.
  • It has an extensive database of subscribers globally (at least 8.7 million members).
  • It is relatively cheap compared to competitor brands.
  • Users can upload pictures from Facebook.
  • You could encounter fake profiles.
  • There is no advanced search algorithm.
  • Most users have incomplete bios.
  • There is no strict verification.
  • The value-added features’ charges are subject to your age –it might be costly.
  • Only premium members can utilize the ‘like’ feature.

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One of the leading dating sites attracting more subscribers is Tinder. After its launch in 2012, it became one of the pioneer matchmaking platforms. Following its launch, most people would sign up for casual dates and long-term commitments.

Without a doubt, its swipe functionality has been a compelling feature to most of the other prospective ones. You can find all kinds of relationships –the LGBTQ community has a place on this hookup platform. It accommodates people from all walks of life and ethical backgrounds. There have been several success stories from singles who found love on this matchmaking site. Whatever your needs are, fate can grant your wishes after registration.

In an era where digital dating is the current trend, what are the chances of finding hot dates on the Tinder website? Are there fakes and scammers? Should you sign up? What features make it exceptional? Does it have controversies and allegations? Read Tinder’s comprehensive review to find out in-depth details.

How does it work?

After you set up your profile, the next thing to do is to search for partners. As you browse through the profiles, you will encounter different users, both male and female. Most profiles are comprehensive –you can view a user’s details by clicking a profile. You can view the member’s photo, age, and how far away the user is from you.

Though some users hide their profiles and turn off some notifications, you can see the following functions, the rewind icon, a red X, a blue star, a purple notification, and a green heart. When you swipe right, it implies that you like the member. The red X also has similar functionality. A left swipe or a click on the green heart means that you are not interested. The blue star, which is also the ‘super like’ feature, implies that the particular member is hot. The profile will then slide to the right, and if the user likes you, you will receive an exciting ‘it’s a match’ notification on the screen.



Creating a profile on the Tinder website is straightforward, and within ten minutes, you can start using your account. If you are signing up on the website, you must link your Facebook account and proceed as directed. Registering on the website is quite tedious –you might give up even before you try out your luck.

If signing troubles you, the best thing is to sign up via the mobile app. It makes the work easier, saving you the time you might spend uploading photos and updating other information. For you to set Tinder’s account, you must provide the following:

  • Your Facebook link
  • A valid email address or a phone number
  • Username
  • Year of birth
  • Your gender and the people you would like to find
  • A profile picture (can be uploaded from Facebook)
  • Your sexual preferences
  • A unique password



After you find your match, the next step is to reach out to them. If you mutually like each other, you can interact via messaging at no cost. Premium subscribers can send unlimited messages to other users. The only criterion for messaging is that both users have to mutually like each other –this implies that when you swipe a user’s profile to the left, there is no way you can contact the user.

From the Tinder reviews, one of the downsides of using the platform is that there is no straightforward tool to search for a compatible match. Perhaps there is a need for the technical team to look into this necessity. Usually, the platform auto generates matches for you when you sign up. You might consider exploring the suggestions to find a partner. The algorithm uses two factors when determining your matches. Before you find a compatible match, several factors come to play, including:

  • Your location
  • The activeness of a user
  • Members you like
  • The gender that interests you
  • Age

Though you can alter your settings, you will be sure to find automated compatible matches. Below is how the two search options work.

  1. Discovery

This search option allows you to utilize the swipe feature. You can access it by tapping the flame-like icon on Tinder’s homepage. When you click on it, you will view one match at a time. If you click the red function, the feature interprets that you like the users; if you double-tap the blue mark or swipe up, it will send a ‘like’ to the user. If you swipe, you will view the next profiles. If a user sends back a ‘like,’ you can start interacting. You should know that there are limited ‘likes’ for each user to send daily. When you tap on a user’s profile, you can view the complete profile. If you don’t like the ‘Discovery’ feature, you can turn it off in the settings.

  1. The Swipe Surge feature

This functionality maximizes the chances of a member finding active users on the platform. It is more reliable, especially when you turn on the push notifications. With this search function, you spend less time looking for compatible matches.

  1. Top picks

You can access this search feature in the ‘Discovery’ section. Tap on the Gold diamond feature on the top bar. In this section, you will find a day’s suggested results. Standard subscribers have limited automated results. With Top Picks, you can only send a ‘like’ or a ‘super like.’

Mobile application

Mobile application

You can access Tinder via the mobile application. Its interface and design are user-friendly, allowing you to navigate the features with ease. Most members prefer using the platform via the app over the website because of the convenience. First-timers may find the interface a bit challenging to navigate, but you will soon love it. When using the app, you can customize settings, delete and edit your information as much as you wish.

Special features

Special features

When browsing on Tinder, you might love the following unique features:

  • Super likes: when you want to express interest on Tinder, you should use this function. It allows you to connect with a member easily.
  • Boost: It highlights your profile among top searches for 30 minutes.
  • Smart photos: when you need to authenticate a profile’s validity, you can use this function. It distinguishes a fake profile from a real user –fake profiles don’t have the blue checkmark.
  • Noonlight feature: it is ideal when you plan for a date with a match. It has a panic button and can be used to request emergency services.
  • Rewind: this feature allows you to view the previous profile by swiping left.
  • Lite app: you can use it to minimize data usage.
  • Tinder feed: this section contains all of Tinder’s updates.
  • Passport/swipe around the world: this feature allows users to change their location.
  • Top picks: in this section, Tinder daters can view a list of several matches daily.
  • Traveler alert: It is one of the latest features introduced on Tinder. It notifies you when you travel to an LGBTQ community place.
  • Swipe Night: it is a new feature where users participate in an adventure game. You can swipe right or left, and if the participant’s outcome is similar, you get paired.
  • Tinder U: students who sign up on Tinder can utilize this feature to get in touch with schoolmates.
  • Read receipt: this feature notifies you if a match reads your message.

Costs and Prices

Several packages on Tinder require a member to upgrade. You can make payments via debit cards, credit cards, and mobile services. Noteworthy, the subscription packages are based on your age –older daters might find the platform costly. Regardless, the subscription plans are as follows:

Members aged 29 and below can choose from the following packages:

  • Pay $9.99 for one month
  • Pay $37.44 for six months
  • Pay $49.92 for 12 months

Subscribers aged above 30 years can select from the following plans:

  • Pay $19.99 for one month
  • Pay $74.94 for six months
  • Pay $99.96 for 12 months

Free subscribers can:

  • Sign up
  • Upload pictures
  • Receive compatible matches
  • Send at least one ‘super like’ daily

VIP members can:

  • See likes from other users
  • Receive instant match suggestions
  • Countless swipes and likes
  • Get top picks
  • Chat with another user without liking their profile.


Are you looking for dating sites that work like Tinder? The following are available:

  1. Plenty of Fish

The platform has lots of users. It has an easy to navigate interface with some features requiring upgrading your membership. What makes it different from Tinder is that subscribers must have comprehensive profiles.

  1. Badoo

The hookup site has been in existence way before Tinder attracting at least 400 million subscribers. This platform has several benefits, such as: networking, socializing, matchmaking, and making friendships.

  1. Match.com

This dating site has been in existence for several years with an excellent search system. It has a unique matchmaking algorithm based on your interests.

  1. OkCupid

It has a vast database of subscribers ranging from young professionals to students. Users fill in a detailed questionnaire that helps in finding matches. It also has a swiping feature. If you mutually like each other, you become a perfect match and can start interacting.



Familiar with dating sites, controversies are inevitable. Several allegations have been raised against the Tinder website. There is a lot that raises suspicion to prospective users. The following are claims made against the leading matchmaking platform.

  1. Unappealing search mechanism

After its launch, Tinder had a unique location-based algorithm for pairing users. While this would work in the initial stages, the matching mechanism is no longer reliable as users tend to turn off the feature that detects location. Any online dater would like to personalize his or her search options for a partner. Unfortunately, the provision to customize your search options is not available on the platform. Perhaps this is one of the reasons potential online daters shy off from using this hookup site. The swiping feature also is not impressive –there is no way to access a profile you swiped left.

Responding to this claim, Tinder has been trying to better the matching mechanism. However, there is little that has been done so far. Concerning the swiping feature, users can reverse swipe to access the previous profile.

  1. Incomprehensive profiles

Most of Tinder’s profiles are shallow, mainly the user’s name, age, and location. On the other hand, competitor dating sites try as much as possible to encourage its users to personalize their profiles. A user with a complete profile has a higher chance of finding a mate compared to shallow profiles.

  1. Predators preying on teens

Initially, prospective users aged 13-17 years could sign up to use this dating site. Since the primary search system is location-based, malicious intent people have been known to use this platform to prey on minors and other users. Anyone should be cautious when using the platform. It might help if you turn off your location.

In countering this claim, Tinder now bans and prohibits minors from signing up on the platform. Regardless, children can lie about their age and still register on the platform.

  1. Scamming allegations

The use of fake profiles to scam online daters is a common trend. There have been such reports from previous Tinder users who collected information from unsuspecting members. Such information is used to blackmail innocent daters. Though this allegation is common across online hookup platforms, Tinder does its best to eliminate fake profiles.

  1. Rape incidents

Though the Tinder’s goal is to match users with prospective partners, some people sign up to find casual dates and one-night-stands. Some users made allegations against this platform, claiming that some users assaulted and took advantage of them after scheduling a meeting.

Since this is a common trend when you meet with some online daters, you are cautioned against meeting strangers. For a start, ensure that you establish trust when interacting. Like any other dating platform, daters are warned against meeting prospective mates in private.

  1. Sexual harassment claims

At some point, the platform was sued for sexual harassment. The allegations were dropped after a lack of evidence. A safety precaution for online daters includes reporting to the support team or blocking such users.

  1. Your data is at a threat

If you are cautious about your information, you need to think twice before signing up on the platform. When you register, you should know that your data might be used on other dating platforms (specifically Match Group, which sponsors other hookup sites). Though this might be out of positive intentions, it is a breach of the privacy policy stating that your data cannot be used or shared with anyone.

Since you sign up via Facebook or link it to other social media accounts like Instagram, you should know that someone can access your information. This implies that advertisers and marketers can use your data for marketing purposes. Should you register on Tinder, expect the vulnerability that comes with your data being shared.


Any online dater’s security is vital as it determines your chances of signing up on the platform. Fortunately, Tinder’s protection is excellent. Several privacy policies enhance your safety on the website. The following are some of Tinder’s security provisions.

  • The Noonlight feature: it is one of the latest introductions that enhance your safety. The software has a panic button that users should press when they sense something might be wrong. This feature allows subscribers to share if they will have a date. You also indicate the venue of the location and who you intend to meet. Upon pressing the panic button, you can receive emergency rescue services.
  • Photo verification: one of the excellent provisions when signing up on Tinder includes verifying a user’s photo. A member poses for several real-time selfies. Tinder’s algorithm then cross-checks the images to authenticate if they are similar to the one you uploaded when signing up. If they don’t match, you might have to explore other platforms. If you are looking for a partner, it will help to look for the blue checkmark on the user’s name.

Besides these features, you can be sure that your security won’t be violated. Regardless, you should be cautious about the information you share on the platform. Users are warned against the following:

  • Avoid sharing your financial details with online daters.
  • You should not send money to potential partners.
  • Your personal information, such as location, place of work, and essential details are crucial –it will help if you keep them to yourself.
  • Keep your interactions on the platform before opting to switch to texting or making phone calls.
  • Ask as many questions as you can. Ideally, a prospective match should not avoid responding to queries. If a person is not accurate or precise with his or her responses, you should be cautious.
  • Notify the support team if any misconduct and aggressive behavior. Report scenarios like a user requesting for money, uses of abusive language, threats and harassment, and fraudulent plans, among others.
  • Avoid sharing your password. If you access Tinder via a public computer, be sure to delete your password and user details.

What protective measures does Tinder take to keep your data safe?

What protective measures does Tinder take to keep your data safe?

The Tinder review established that the user’s data is safe from any malicious intent -there are no third parties who can access your details. All chats and activities are protected by SSL technology. TLS and HTTPS technology is also used to encrypt your data. You can also turn off your location in the settings if you don’t want to be traced.

Should you have any concerns or inquiries about Tinder, you can report to the support team. You can reach the platform on the following details:

Company: Match Group LLC

Address: 8750 North Central Expressway Suite 1400, Dallas, Texas 75231, United States

Email: help@gotinder.com



One of the best things in life is to find someone to love you regardless of anything. As this proves to be difficult, online dating has become a common trend. Going through the Tinder review, you are sure that the matchmaking platform has real hot dates. However, you should be cautious of any suspicious activity, fake profiles, and scamming. This platform is ideal for singles looking for long-term bonds, casual hookups, and dates, one-night-stands, and friendships. If you are contemplating the best dating platforms, Tinder might be the right one among other dating sites.

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