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Squirt Review: All the Features Users Should Know

Squirt Review: All the Features Users Should Know
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Active Audience 87%
Quality Matches 90%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 580 900
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.5
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is full of gay people looking for hookups and just that.
  • The registration process takes only a couple of minutes to complete.
  • The chat process is as simple as any social media platform.
  • The website does not provide any restrictions to the users to upload the pictures.
  • According to a Squirt review, the users do not face any restrictions on the kind of pictures they upload.
  • The site is not for people who are looking for actual relationships or weddings.
  • The scammer presence is possible, given there is no profile screening here.
  • The brand has not released any mobile application for the users.

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As anyone can guess by the name, Squirt is an adult dating website focused on people who would like to have casual sex than hookups. The website is full of hot people looking for hookups and no commitment. The site has been catering to such people, meaning it might not be suitable for people looking for long-term partnerships. However, for any given NSA relationship expectation, Squirt is precisely the place for singles.

Being a Canadian website, this has been in the industry for decades-long since its launch in 1999 by the Pink Triangle Press. This website is mainly for gay men looking for relationships that are just for fun or just a date. The website houses several million gay men from around the world. The website also lets the members search for partners around the area and even allows them to check out potential events, parties, and places for hookups nearby.

The diversity in members makes the website much better since the users can have likely possibilities that they find someone to hook up with. If the user has fantasies to be fulfilled, then this might be the place for it.

This article discusses in great detail the features of the website and other aspects, helping the user to decide whether they should be looking for their casual partner on this website or not.

Squirt Review: All the Features Users Should Know

Working Process Of Squirt Website

If the user is trying to find a genuine website for LGBTQ men, the Squirt would be the right place. The website will help the user find out gay people in and around the area, and with its diversity and customized search engine, it becomes more attractive. The users can browse through hundreds and thousands of profiles and find out those who match the sexual preferences.

The users should be entering their criteria, and the search engine will help the user find the right match for them. For the same, the user must get their account registered and create a profile to start chatting with other profiles. The chat works like any other social media platform with voice and video chat options in which any intimate conversation can be shared. Scrolling through the member list will help the user and finding who is online and who is not.

The website believes that the city always has its hotspots that are yet to be found by the public and the team makes sure that the users find these places. Here, they can meet up with people with the same preferences as them. They can also check out user ratings and other details of the location, and it could either be the best gym, beach, or even washroom.

Working Process Of Squirt Website

Know How a New Member Can Register

Registration on this website is quick and only takes a few minutes to complete, and it requires only fundamental steps to be followed. Since the Squirt dating site is for people looking for casual sex and flings, the registration requires minimal information. By registering on this dating platform, the user has to share their gender, their gender preferences for hookups, email ID, password, and a few lines about themselves and their attitude. Finally, they will have to enter their location and their birthday to complete the first step of registration.

Now that the registration process is complete, the users can start looking for matches on the website. The only verification process required to enter this dating platform is by email verification, in which the user must click on the verification email sent to the registered email ID to confirm the authentication.

Know How a New Member Can Register

Start A Chat with Messaging Options

Once the account has been registered, the users can start messaging other profiles they would like to communicate with. Like most of the dating websites, this one also has messaging options that help the users connect more personally. The user can also voice type or video chat with the profiles they like. The users will also find out who is online and who is not, and all they have to do is go through the search feature of this dating platform and find out the list of members who match their criteria. Once they find their favorite profiles, they can start chatting with them.

Start A Chat with Messaging Options

The member search is quite easier on the website considering the user has just to use the search engine to look for a name or preference in particular. The user has to navigate through the website and sign in to their account to start the member search procedure. The website will also provide a simple questionnaire, and if the user answers them, it will help the website provide better recommendations to the user.

Know if There A Squirt Mobile App?

There is no particular mobile application for this website; however, its mobile version seems quite feasible. If the user is looking for a complete experience of the platform on their mobile phone, they should look for the mobile version of the website. The user’s experience on the website is quite similar to what they will experience in the mobile version.

Know if There A Squirt Mobile App?

Have You Known These Features Of Squirt?

The user can look for other members by searching for them with the gender and age or pictures. The users can look out for specialized criteria and extended search according to their premium membership preferences. They can also look for Regional searches and find out people interested in dating within the location. The users can also create an interesting profile video that will further help them stand out from the crowd and get a HookUp as quickly as possible. The website provides the ability to block any number of members from the platform. This could be useful if the user receives too many irrelevant responses, especially from the profiles they are particularly not interested in.

Another unique feature of this website is that it has a group chat feature. Any number of users who are currently online on the website can have a group chat session, and other users can also enter the private chat with other members. The existing members of this group chat can also invite other people to their group.

To make things more interesting, the Squirt website offers webcam chat, ensuring that the users have a safe preview of the other profiles before the first date. Unlike other dating platforms, this website does not just let the user find out everything but helps them with cruising locations and experiencing the website’s fullest features.

The users can also see maps and find out interesting locations. Apart from this, they can also rate locations, find out the descriptions, and learn the places where we can meet similar people. The membership choices include basic to fan club. Also, the users can find out the recent parties, events, and other bathhouse promotions on the platform to participate in the same. In fact, these events also provide offers and discounts when the user views it on the Squirt website.

Have You Known These Features Of Squirt?

Pricing and Subscription Details

The cost is minimal, and the users have to understand that they do not have any trial plans to try out the website. If they would like to experience the website’s exclusive features, they will have to go for a premium subscription, which comes under a very nominal rate.

The plan is recurring, and the user can cancel it if they would like to stop the payment. If the user is looking for a one-week subscription, it is available on this website, and it would cost around $3.97 while it would cost $8.97 for one month. As for three months, it will take about $22.97, and it is $36.97 for six months with the option of choosing a $55.97 plan for a full year.

The users cannot initiate any plan without making the payment, and they will have to enter their card details along with the one-time password to authenticate the payment. The price can either be made with credit cards or money orders or bank cheque or envelope cash. The Squirt website does not provide any coin based plans.

If the user plans to cancel the membership, they will have to go through the process because cancellations via Email will not be accepted.

Premium members can not only send unlimited messages but also can experience the Squirt website without any ads and find out who has been checking out their profiles. They can also access multiple videos and pictures and work on a cam chat with the other profiles.

Pricing and Subscription Details

Other Websites Like Squirt

Now, taking that it is a dating website with a unique reference to the LGBTQ community, it is possible to say that multiple other industry websites already have similar features. If the user thinks that the Squirt website’s disadvantages are not something they can cope with, they can always look for other less popular alternatives.

  • PlentyOfFish
    PlentyOfFish, an online dating site, is available in many languages and famous in Canada, Ireland, Brazil, and Australia. Even though this website is free, it offers a premium membership, which is very similar to Tinder MeetMe. PlentyOfFish boasts its success stories, which the users can check out on their Twitter page. If the users prefer classy people or are confused about what type of person the users are searching for, PlentyOfFish is the answer.
  • BBPeopleMeet
    Who thinks that the curvy ones can’t get a date, huh? BBPeopleMeet is an online dating site that caters to plus-size ones and their admirers. Not a human being wants their partner to be a Skeleton. Setting a profile is free for all users. The main page gives the users the list of all their matches and tells if they are online or offline, distance, area, locality. The user can explore profiles on today’s matches is an interesting feature.
  • HowAboutWe
    HowAboutWe is one of the best dating websites which caters both to heterosexual and gay singles. It is one of the most original sites in concept and connected people even for their first dates. It is very much LGBTQ friendly.

Apart from these, there are many other unique dating websites that the users can check out; however, there are a few that only focus on gay singles, particularly. Suppose the user does not have any particular preference. In that case, they can always look for popular websites like Tinder, OkCupid, Coffee Meets Bagel, BlackPeople Meet, and others. Ending up with the same person does not necessarily have to start with a wedding match application, so finding the love here when the user is open about their preferences could be everlasting. Either way, it is advisable that the users check out the security and data policies and read some Squirt reviews before investing time, effort, and money in any given dating platform.

Other Websites Like Squirt

What Does The Squirt Reviews Says About Its Controversies

The major controversy with this website is the cancellation process of the premium membership. According to Squirt review, the users find it difficult to go through that or even find out the proper cancellation process considering a simple email will not be accepted to cancel a premium subscription. When the user is on a week’s subscription plan, it becomes more difficult because it keeps renewing on auto-debit.

Another major controversy is that this dating website is that it does not have any verification process to determine if the user is a hacker or not. Most customer Squirt reviews state that customer service is not as expected, and they believe that there are multiple fake profiles in the portal. The site moderators fail to investigate the process and ban the account on the complaint. The website also comes with many advertisements that could be distracting, and if the user has to get rid of all of that, he will have to look for premium membership features.

Safety Promised By Squirt To Its Members

Everyone is worried about the safety and security of their data these days. Before the user starts registering on the new dating website, they should look out for the safety measures that the website has taken to keep the user data. It contributes much to the User experience as well. Especially considering that this website is simply for casual hookups, there are a lot of chances that some scammers might be around. Since there is no particular verification process in this portal, the user must be aware of what is happening around them.

Suppose the user gets in touch with a potential scammer. In that case, they should reach out to the customer support team and report the incident, which will help the site moderator review the profile and the rest of the members. According to the majority of the Squirt reviews, the website is safe to use. The user should be sure of who they are talking to and how much they are sharing. Because again, we don’t want to risk leaking sensitive information that can be used against us. The users have to make sure that the person is not a catfish or an imposter. It is more common than it might seem. There are a ton of fake profiles that a member has to skim through and find out the real ones. So the users need to have our guards up and be cautious of what they are sharing and to whom.

If they are persistent in meeting or getting the users’ personal information, that could be a huge red flag. It’s potentially trying to invade someone’s privacy, which is not acceptable. Make sure that they know when and where to stop and are respectful of their boundaries. Do not be a pushover to make them happy as that would later lead to having disastrous effects. Red flags are a little hard to gauge when the users have just met a person, but never forget to listen to their gut. If the users feel like it’s not right, it probably isn’t. Know that the users are allowed to leave anytime.

Safety Promised By Squirt To Its Members

How To Know If Squirt Cares About The Data Privacy?

Squirt has a separate help desk to make sure that the user receives the best of customer support. The customer support team is available even on the weekends and holidays. The billing support line will be provided according to the region for the users to clarify their doubts.

Data security is of major concern in this portal, and they ensure that the user data is safe by requesting only minimal information from the users. Also, the user has to focus on their data’s security, even if the website provides the best security services. The scammers could be anywhere, and the users must be aware that they cannot share sensitive credentials and financial details on the application before they even meet.

If the other party is asking for the same, the user must keep in mind that this is a casual dating app and not a matrimonial application. The user is not obliged to share any credentials with any other user on the portal. Now, if the other party is demanding any of the sensitive credentials that the user is not willing to share, then they should report the party to the site moderators.

There are no specific data privacy and security policies that the website would suggest to the users, so the users should make sure anti-virus software is installed on their computer while using such websites.

Too many sensitive details should not be shared on this platform, as discussed earlier. The website will not be protecting the users from the voluntary actions that they make.

If the users find any of the other members on the website behaving suspiciously or demanding anything, it is wise to report the same to the site moderators. If a member says that they belong to the company and request sensitive details, the users should immediately take this to the help desk. This will ensure that the website is safe for the rest of the users as well.


Squirt is ranked as the most welcoming gay hookup site in the industry; this website is full of diverse gay men looking for casual relationships. The website provides no restrictions and helps the users find the busiest cruising spots to have a great experience with the partner they have found on the platform. Other than that, the users are good to go. The person of their dreams or just the best hookup that the user has ever had is possible with this Squirt website. Apart from this, the users can also browse through profiles of men in and around the area, and they can add the mobile version of the site on the home screen of their device for easy use. Before meeting someone in real life, the users should make sure that the other person is who they claim to be and not a scammer or predator. The privacy policy of the website protects the users and their data only within the site.

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