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Review 2022: Fakes or Real Hot Dates?

Review 2022: Fakes or Real Hot Dates?
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Quality Matches 89%
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Profiles 540 270
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Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is available free of charge on the Google Play or Apple Store. It's more comfortable to use the Meetme App when you don't have access to your computer. To get the app, head to the main page of the Meetme website via your mobile device, or use the app store.
  • Registration is quick and easy and only takes a few minutes. It doesn't require any extra documentation, only your email and a few necessary information about you. Also, you won't be charged to register on the site.
  • There are plenty of MeetMe reviews on the internet. You can read them and learn more about the website. Also, YouTubers have created reviews so that you can watch their experience on the site. You can also connect with Meetme on social media such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.
  • MeetMe is a Community of fifty million singles. Compared to other sites, that's a big dating pool. What this means is that you'll have a higher chance of meeting someone you're interested in.
  • The website provides you with matches who are close in location. Dating online doesn't mean you have to limit yourself to potential lovers who are far away.
  • You can stream your video on Meetme and participate in the live text and video chats! This is something you won't find on many other dating websites.
  • Additional features aren't all available for standard members. To gain full access, you'll need to purchase a subscription to use the extra features.
  • To verify your account, you will need to download the MeetMe app. From there, you will be prompted to make an account. Once your account is created, you will need to upload a selfie before the account is approved and activated.
  • Navigating the website may take a bit of time due to it being a bit complex. However, after you browse a bit, you can confidently use the site without any issues. The extra features available to members also provide a pleasant browsing experience.
  • Due to the ease of signing up, many members don't supply personal information. Nevertheless, don't let that stop you from talking to someone who piques your interest.

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Meetme is an online dating website to help you meet someone special for a friendship or for love. You can use video chat, create chat rooms, and post photos for free!

How Does It Work?

Meetme is a trendy online dating website where you can meet other singles and chat with them free of charge. Some of the features require additional payment. The website’s purpose is to provide you with an environment where you can safely communicate with the other members. It you’re looking for transsexual dating sites, this might be the place to get started.

The founder of the website is Meet Group, a company that crafts engaging dating communities. Meet Group started back in 2015 and has had great success. In 2012, Meet Group founded MeetMe. MeetMe has been consistently connecting singles for the past eight years.

There are more than fifty million users, so you will have the opportunity to meet other members. On MeetMe, there are more than forty thousand logins daily. Compared to other online dating websites, the amount of daily users is incomparable.

But, how do you sign up and get to chat with other members? You’ll have to make your profile, go through the verification process, and search for the matches close to your location. The website will show you all the singles from your region. MeetMe is a cool online dating community where you can find people for fun and more.

It works similarly to other international dating sites. So, you will be able to meet and chat with members from other countries. All you’ll need to do is sign-up and create a profile. The more personalized you make your profile, the easier it will be for other members to personally know you. Once you’ve experienced the site, feel free to review MeetMe, and share your experience on the platform.

Review 2020: Fakes or Real Hot Dates?


To create a profile on the Meetme website, go to the main page and fill in the registration form or sign up with your Facebook account. You can complete registration for free just in a few steps. First, enter your name, email, gender, and create a strong password. Then, enter your location and click on the ‘sign up free’ button. Now, give some details about yourself and what you expect from a partner. You have to write a little introduction and explain who you’re looking for on the Meetme website in a few sentences.

After that, add some details about your sexual orientation, religion, occupation, education, and racial background. Additionally, add some photos to your profile and confirm everything is correctly listed. To verify your account, you’ll need to take a photo of your face. The reason for this is to ensure all members are who they say they are. MeetMe wants to create a safe environment for a member to talk with real profiles.

Yes, the registration is a little bit complicated. Nevertheless, it will not take more than a few minutes of your time. If you do not verify your profile within the next seventy-two hours, it may be automatically deleted by the administration.

After becoming a verified member, you can start to search for potential matches; however, if you run into any trouble while browsing, consider contacting the MeetMe support team. They will be able to help you with all of your problems relating to the website.

There is an option to skip the verification process. In this case, try to write an email to the MeetMe’s administration. Here is the address: support@themeetgroup.com If you want to delete your account, go to your settings and select the Account menu. Here you will see the link you have to follow to deactivate your account. Deactivation will happen right after you click the button.

If you want to deactivate your profile using the app, go to the settings and click the ‘deactivate my account’ button. In the settings, you can also regulate the visibility of your profile. If you want to hide your profile from other members, go to your settings and click on the ‘Who can view my profile’ section. Then choose to hide it, and the other members will not be able to see it.



Many of the website tools help you to communicate with the other singles. You can send messages, participate in the videos, text chat, and translate private video using the Live Feed feature. If you want to send a message, view your match’s profile and start the conversation free of charge.

Yes, messaging on the website is a free feature available to every member of the MeetMe community. Compared to other sites, this is a significant advantage. Aside from that, there is also a chatroom you can visit at any day or night time.

The day and night chat room allows you to chat by yourself on any topics you like. This feature is free of charge and can be used to meet other members. Luckily, the website gives you many tools to help connect with other members.


The good thing is – you can see the members close to your location. This gives you the chance to develop relationships with matches online and in real life. The members close to your location will be the ones automatically suggested by the website. You can search the single members by the local feed or by the Live Video Streaming. Additionally, the websites generate some matches automatically. It you’re looking for transsexual dating sites, this might be the place to get started.

By looking for the Local Feed, you can filter the members by their location, sex, or orientation. If you use the advanced search, you can filter through singles by their relationship status and sexual preferences.

You may only search for either premium members or standard members. The Match feature will show you photos of each of these singles. From here, you can decide who you find attractive.

Member Search

Mobile Application

Yes, there is an app you can download from the Apple Store or Google Play Store for free. The app has all the Meetme website functions and allows you to stay online even if you are not in front of your computer.

According to the Meetme reviews, the app has a brilliant interface and, in some cases, can be even more comfortable to use than the computer version. You can find the link to the app on the main page of the MeetMe. Using our site, you can find a person for friendships, relationships, or sex.

Mobile Application

Special Features

MeetMe is stuffed with cool features that can’t compare to other sites. The site gains you access to send messages for free. On MeetMe, you can also use live texting and video chats. Choose to participate in the chatrooms or create them yourselves. You’re in charge, and you can even post your content.

The good thing is that all of these features are free and allow you to comfortably use the website. Of course, if you’re a premium member, you gain access to additional features.

For example, you can see singles who have visited your profile or remove ads. You can also browse others’ profiles in anonymous mode and decorate your profile with different profile themes.

Match Spotlight boosts the visibility of your profile and increases your chances of connecting with another member. This option is designed to help you to meet your one true love much quicker.

The Secret Admirer feature allows you to meet other singles while you are browsing. You would get a notification from the Secret Admirer if someone sent you a like.

At the same time, you have to choose between the five suggested photos. If you choose the person who likes you too, the Secret Admirer will contact you through private messages.

The MeetMe Live features are a translation of the personal live video. The other members can view your translation and send you likes or support you through comments. The feature ‘Ask Me’ allows you to ask your match in anonymous mode. Also, you can get anonymous questions from your matches as well. Using anonymous mode is quite an interesting and exciting way to get to know someone. Any answers will be posted on Facebook or Twitter. However, no one will be able to tell it’s you.

The feature ‘QuickPick’ is available only on the Meetme app. The app shows you the photos of the other members, and you can send them a ‘like’. Likes are very similar to the Tinder App. On the Meetme website, you can view your matches’ photos and leave your comments under the pictures.

The feature ‘Virtual Gifts’ allows you to receive and send anonymous gifts. On the website, you can see the list of members who have viewed your profile. Also, you can check the profiles you viewed.

Moreover, on the website, you can view the discussions and create discussions on exciting topics. We believe it’s worth giving a try because you can find other members who are similar-minded.

Special Features

Costs and Prices?

Unlike other dating sites, you can use MeetMe for free and will have access to all members. However, you may need to purchase a subscription to gain additional features. Upgraded membership gives you all the extra features of MeetMe+ and is worth the investment.

For example, you’ll gain access to MeetMe’s advanced search system and the ability to boost your profile’s visibility. The site will also automatically renew your subscription when it runs out. Using the upgraded membership can help remove ads and make browsing the site clutter-free. Additionally, you’ll be able to see who viewed your profile, use advanced filters, and many more benefits.

When it comes to subscribing, you’ll have complete control over the duration. Options include one, three, or six months. The cheapest option is the six-month option, as it is given at a discount. The one-month subscription will cost 6.99 per month. If you use their three-month sub, then it will cost 5.66 per month. Lastly, their six-month plan will only cost you 4.17 dollars each month, making it a valuable option.

Aside from that, the website provides you the option to purchase credits. Credits allow you to buy additional features and enable you to send diamonds and gifts to people you’ve matched with. Think of credits as an ‘online’ currency that you can use on the site. To get 250 credits, you’ll be charged 2.99, and for 500, it will cost you 4.99. Of course, there are also other bulk options, such as investing 24.99 for 3,700 credits.

If you’re interested in MeetMe+, you can read all the listed information about subscriptions and credits on the MeetMe website. Although, we urge you to read MeetMe reviews on websites or watch youtube videos.

Online, you’ll find multiple tutorials about using MeetMe. Plus, you can gain exciting tips about earning additional points by using the site’s features. The MeetMe website allows free communication between its users, free of charge. But the extra features make the communication even more enjoyable.


While MeetMe is an excellent dating site, you may want to explore other options. In this case, you can search for alternative sites that allow you to have just as much fun as the MeetMe site. Other dating sites from the Meet Group include LOVOO, Plenty of Fish, Scout, and Growl.

We’ve reviewed these websites and found that they have similar price-points and features. If you’ve already tried them, we can also recommend Match, Chatib, Military, Cupid, and Tinder. We’ve even heard rave reviews about Flirt, Ashley Madison, and AdultFriendFinder.

All of these sites are available to anyone over the age of eighteen. You’ll also gain access to many cool features and opportunities using these. Use the above-mentioned dating sites to connect with others, upload photos, post videos, and find other matches.


MeetMe is easy to navigate and use. It uses a multifunctional interface and allows you to stay safe while communicating with other members. It also gives you access to various additional features that help you find love online. The site provides well-structured information and is easy on the eyes.

There are also some downsides to using the MeetMe website. Some members don’t enjoy the fact that there are so many additional features. The site can be very interactive, so if you’re looking for a simple dating platform where you send likes or messages back and forth, you may not enjoy it.

Another problem that can occur is running into issues during registration. In many cases, the website doesn’t allow you to create a profile on the first try. This is generally caused by too many people attempting to create an account at the same time.


MeetMe places your safety at top priority. All of the MeetMe website profiles are verified, so you don’t have to worry about communicating with a fake account. On the off chance that you do, contact the support team, and they will be able to take down the account and keep you safe.

You can also make your profile private by choosing who can see and view it. That’s always an excellent feature to have when it comes to safety. Thousands of websites don’t allow you to hide your profile. So, MeetMe is one of the safer dating sites.

Another issue with the website is that it doesn’t check for its users’ criminal background. What this means is that you are personally responsible for your safety. Keep your passwords, data, and any data secured. Be careful when posting photos online and only share videos if you have to. If you have any questions regarding this, please contact the support team under this email support@th, and they will do their best to help you.

The support team can get back to you within a few hours. To read more about the safety of MeetMe, follow this link: https://www.themeetgroup.com/safety-practices/ Here, you will find some additional articles, advice, and tips on how you can stay safe online.

What Protective Measures Does Meetme Take to Keep Your Data Safe?

MeetMe cares a lot about the privacy of its users. However, the security of your data is not guaranteed 100%. All the available information on this topic can be found here: https://m.meetme.com/terms/phoenix.

If you’re uncomfortable with MeetMe having access to personal information, then contact support@themeetgroup.com And you may delete your account. All personal data will be deleted at this time.


MeetMe is an excellent platform to help find a friend or the love of your life. It has a friendly environment and allows you to communicate with other members daily. It’s a long-standing website that connects thousands of singles daily with almost eight years of success. It you’re looking for transsexual dating sites, this might be the place to get started.

Compared to other online dating sites, MeetMe is a large community of singles looking to chat with other single members. There are more than fifty-million users located worldwide. It’s been created for adults, and you can only join the website if you’re over the age of eighteen.

The website is translated into several languages and has multiple tools that enable you to stay connected. If you want to learn more about MeetMe, consider reading reviews or visit their social media websites such as Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Whether you’re looking for friends, a lover, or a soul-mate you’ll find someone to love with MeetMe.

Unlike other dating sites, MeetMe is not geared towards erotic content such as a one night stand or casual hookups. The site also includes a blog where you can read articles about dating. Plus, you can find many reviews from satisfied customers and other members.

If you are messaged, liked, or something new happens, the site will send you a notification. This allows you to stay plugged in even when you’re not home. The best thing about MeetMe is that you can also use the site without paying for a subscription. The messaging feature is available to all members.

If you’re interested, create a profile on the MeetMe website and begin searching for a match. A more extensive user base makes it easier to communicate with multiple people simultaneously. With forty thousand active members, you sure to find someone you like. Try the site and leave a review for MeetMe so that others can learn from your experience. Who knows, maybe you’ll find your next potential lover or a friend for life.

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