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Match Review 2022: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?

Match Review 2022: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?
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Active Audience 61%
Quality Matches 86%
Popular Age 25-45
Profiles 1 250 000
Reply Rate 79%
Ease of Use 6.6
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • You can use the Match website through the mobile application. The app of Match.com is available on Google Play or Apple Store free of charge.
  • There is a big community of singles online. You always have a chance to communicate with many matches at the same time. That increases your options to find a soulmate!
  • The website organizes plenty of events and activities for its members. You can see the members of the community live on the single’s nights and events. That is quite a plus.
  • The support team is very helpful and quickly reachable. The website’s administration helps you find the answer regarding your membership type, subscription plan, or profile. On the website, there is a virtual couch, Lara. She will try to help you or give you dating advice anytime you need it.
  • There are plenty of Match reviews so that you can read about the real member’s experience. The Match website has its pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks. That means you have some additional opportunities to stay in contact with your matches.
  • The administration will verify the content of your profile. Therefore, some of your photos, especially sexy images, can be deleted.
  • All the profiles have to go through the verification process. It cannot be enjoyable. On the other hand, thanks to this procedure, there are no many fake profiles on the website, so you can be sure the website cares about your safety.
  • The other members can see your approximate location. If privacy is an essential thing for you, it can be a minus.
  • Most of the features are available only to premium members. You can not contact other members or read messages from them if you do not have a subscription. Therefore, features available to members without premium membership are minimal.

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Are you looking for a hot date? Do not hesitate to visit Match.com and meet hot singles online. There is always a chance to meet a future partner or a friend on the Match website!

Match.com is a leader in the world of online dating. It unites lonely hearts and friends all around the world. With the website, you have plenty of opportunities to be online and interact with your matches. There is a large community of singles with informative profiles. You can find plenty of Match reviews on the Internet and get there much more than you need. The history of the website dates back to 1995. Since that time, there are many changes to the website. Also, the amount of users is much larger. Thanks to the upgraded design and security level on the website, you will enjoy your Match experience. You can send likes, interact with the other members via private messages, chats, or video calls, and add other members to your favorites. If you do not have the online dating websites’ experience, read the articles and cheek how to make a shiny profile to attract more matches! Your security is a priority for the Match. The administration verifies the profiles and their content. When it comes to your love story, you should not waste time! Make a profile and search for your soulmate just right now.

The Way It Works

The Way It Works

Match is an online dating website that helps its members to find other singles. Here, you can meet people for love, relationship, sex, casual relationship, or friendship. The website is oriented on people who are mostly interested in making contact and building relationship. If you want to meet somebody for hookups, then the website is not the best place to reach your goal. Already more than 1,6 million people met their soulmates on the website. More than 340 000 conversations start every month. Most of the members are Americans. Match is a trendy website among young people. The amount of its members rises very fast and attracts more and more new members worldwide. The website is straightforward to use and to navigate through. It works for you perfectly after a few days of use. Generally speaking, you have to make a registration, complete your profile, go and search for other singles, and communicate with your matches online. It is up to you how quickly you will find somebody for a relationship. The Match website organizes live events; you can participate there and increase your chances to meet somebody. To stay online, even when you are not at home, use the Match app. All the information about the website you can find on its main page, profiles in social networks.

Additionally, read Match reviews to see how it works for real users.

How To Make A Registration?

The profiles on the website are very detailed. It takes only a few minutes to make a registration. But to make your profile attractive, you will need to invest some extra time. It cannot be delightful for some people, but your patience will be rewarded with many matches and likes. The more shiny your profile is, the more likes you will get. So how can you make a registration at Match.com? Well, it is a straightforward procedure. Go to the Match website, and fill in the registration form. First, you have to enter your gender, age, and set up your search criteria. Then, you will be asked to enter your date of birth, location, and Email. Be aware it is essential to correctly enter your location if you want to be seen by the members located close to you. The next step is to create a strong password and confirm your Email address. You will be directed to your profile and asked to give some information about your relationship status, hobbies, and preferences. If you cannot share this information, click on the “I will keep it for myself ” button. You will get questions about your education level, body type, or wish to have children. The profiles on the Match website are so detailed! The information about your hair color and also how long it is, is also required! If you skip questions too often, your profile can be declined. At the end, you can choose if you want that other members will see your profile. If not, choose the incognito mode. Remember: you can make a profile, only if you have already reached 18 years old. To use the website for minors is forbidden by the Match website. After you made your profile and uploaded a few photos, your profile and content will be verified by the administration. You can upload up to 26 photos to your profile. It can be that you will be asked to provide your ID card to complete the verification process.

The Ways To Contact Other Match Members

The Ways To Contact Other Match Members

Well, to message somebody will not be a problem for you. Go to the menu bar and click on “Messages.” Here you will see all the members you have already contacted. Also, here will appear in your conversation history. The conversation history will be kept no longer than twelve months. Messaging is a premium function, and to message somebody, you have to buy this feature or be a premium member. Without a subscription, it is impossible to read the messages from the other members. If you are not sure you want to contact somebody, add him to your likes.

By doing so, you win time and not lose contact. Additionally, for the premium members, there is a chatroom. Sending likes and viewing profiles are features available to all members.

How Can You Search For Matches?

“Even the longest journey starts with a single step,” and that is true. If you want to find somebody, you have to search and be ready to find others. Most of the members are residents of the United States, but there are also many Britain and Europe members. 45% of members are women, and 55% are men. Most of the members are 24-45 years old. You can set up your criteria and search for other members on the “Search page.” On the Match website, you can find people who are up to 500 miles away from you. If you do not want to be noticed by the other members, use the incognito mode. There are people of different ethnical backgrounds: Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American, Mixed, and many more. Also, there are people of many nationalities, but most of the members are American, British, and Irish. Most of the members are Christians. To be found quickly, use the “Boost” feature. and search for other singles efficiently. You can also use the advanced search.

Some Words About The App

There is an App you can download either on Google Play or in the Apple Store. The Match website app helps you stay online and interact with the other community members as often as you want. Besides, you can see the singles close to your location. That is quite comfortable if you want to meet somebody. You can find here the Match app for Apple https://apps.apple.com/gb/app/match-com-find-your-match/id444823469. To find the Match app for Android, follow this link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.match.android.matchmobile&hl=en. With the app, you can check the events near you to meet Match website members’ members.

Special Features You Get On Match Website

Special Features You Get On Match Website

There is no lack of special features on the Match website! If you want to use the website in secret, turn on the incognito mode. In case you want to boost your profile activity, turn on the “Boost” feature. With this feature, your profile will be noticed much faster. Your profile will be seen on the top of search results, and that will increase your chances quite a lot! “Boost” is not a free feature. You can buy it at once or buy it as a multipack and save your money. On the Match website, you can get control over your contacts. Use the three features that allow you to control who contacts you. The feature “Blacklist” allows you to block the annoying members. Do not hesitate to do this if someone misbehaves! The “unavailable” mode lets you use the website without being noticed by the other members. The “Contact filter.” lets you filter your contacts by selecting the most suitable criteria. The members who do not suit your criteria will not be allowed to send a message to you. These features are essential to keep your privacy and protect yourself from being disturbed. The features “Shuffle” or a “Date Roulette” suggest you

matches based on your criteria. If you use these features, you will get 100 matches daily. All of them are suggested from the website based on your criteria. The feature “Match Batch” is designed to help women to find men for the relationship. The “Real Date” features allow you to connect with your matches per video call. You can use this feature if you already contact the person and send and exchanged it with this person at least four messages. How and when

to use this feature can you read under this link: https://uk.match.com/p/dating-advice/using-a dating-site/match-features/connect-for-a-real-video-date/. Additionally, you can play games on Match. The one game takes up to five minutes of your time. Here are some of the games: “Best

and Worst”, “Food Critic,” “Name that Dance,” and any more. Of course, most of these features are available only to premium members.

All About Subscriptions

You can use the Match website for free or make a subscription and enjoy some additional features. More information about the features, you will get here: uk.match.com. You can buy the most interesting feature or make a subscription. There is an opportunity to make a subscription for three or six months and one year. The most expensive is to make a subscription for three months, and the cheapest is a one year option. With a subscription, you can chat, send likes, view the other Match members, and use some extra features. There are offers and discounts on subscriptions. There are following subscription plans: Standard, Boost and Premium. The three-month premium subscription will cost you 14, 99 USD per month. The six-month subscription will cost you 11,99 USD per month. If you subscribe for one year, you will pay for the premium subscription only 8,99 USD per month. If you decided to subscribe to Standart membership, the subscription would cost you a little bit cheaper. Three month Standard Plan will cost you 12,99 USD. If you subscribe for six months, one month of use will cost you 9,99 USD. You would pay only 7,77 USD monthly if you chose to make a subscription for one year. Compare to the other online dating websites, and the Match website is average. In most of Match reviews you can see that users are satisfied with the premium version.

More about prices you can find on the website. Be attentive: there are some days when you can get a big discount for subscription. It is possible to pay with PayPal, Debit or Credit Card. The subscription is a key to find a match on the website. Before you make a subscription, cheek Match reviews and success stories from its members who have already found their love. Be aware that your subscription will be automatically renewed. To cancel the automatic renewal function, click on the “Manage my subscription” button and follow the process of cancellation.

A Few Words About The Alternative Websites To Use

A Few Words About The Alternative Websites To Use

The website belongs to a Meetic Group that is a leader in online dating in Europe. To the Meetic group belong such online dating portals as OurTime, Lexa, Love Scout24. You can always try them if you did not find your love on the Match websites. Please read the additional Match review before you sign up to be sure it is what you are searching for. By the way, for singles who want casual relationships, Meetic created many websites. Tinder is the most favorite among all of these websites. The products of this company are available in 40 languages, and that is a big plus. Do not hesitate to try something new if you did not found what you wanted to find.

Is There Some Issues In Using The Match Website?

The website is well structured and easy to use. There are no issues with making a profile or contacting others. The only thing can be annoying: sometimes it takes a while to log in. The possible reason for it: too many members want to log in at the moment. If you have some issues with it, just wait a few seconds and log in again. Also, the administration can delete the contant from your page. Do not worry, it happens only if photos on the profile are too sexy.

How Secured Is The Website?

There is a golden rule on the website ‘If you wouldn’t say, do or show something to a date in real life, don’t say, do or show it here.” The website cares a lot about the comfort of its users. All the new profiles are regularly observed and revised. The administration of the website do this to secure the Match.com members from scam. If someone annoys you and constantly tries to reach you, do not hesitate to block this person. Also, inform the support team about the incident and try to make your account as private as possible. The website is safe and trustworthy as it is many years on the market. Nevertheless, only you are responsible for your safety. There are plenty of online dating advice and safe dating tips on the website. You will only win if you read them before you create your profile. If you behave accurately and do not let people into your real-life too fast, nothing should happen. You can contact Customer Care anytime you have a question regarding your security on the website. It is not forbidden to share sexy photos or talk about sex within your private conversations. Nevertheless, wait with it at the beginning. Always think about your safety before you share your private photos or real contacts. Members of the Match website will see your approximate location, but no one will know your address. Avoid sharing photos in front of your house or workplace. To report the inappropriate behavior, go to the profile of this member and click on Report the profile button. The administration will check the information you sent, and the necessary measures will be taken. Here is a contact of the Match website Team: customercare@help.match.co.uk.

Does The Website Cares To Keep Your Data Safe?

Does The Website Cares To Keep Your Data Safe?

On the website, you do not have to worry that your data will be given to third parties. Your privacy is a top priority for the Match. The website monitors for possible attacks or scams and takes technical security measures against it. In case you need more information on this topic, read the Privacy Policy of the website or contact the support team.

To Put It In A Nutshell

The website is most suitable for people who are looking for real love and relationship. The design of the website is very cool and gives you many opportunities to interact with other members. You can search for matches and articles and stay online as long as you want. On the Match website, you will not find fake profiles because the administration verifies profiles’ content. According to most of the Match reviews, the website is a trustful platform with an active singles community. For those who are looking for people to meet life, there are single nights and events. You can find them using the Match website or app. You can download the apps under the links written above. The registration is free of charge. Also, you can view other profiles and add them to your favorites for free. Most of the features are available only to premium members. More than twenty million members worldwide, and more than eight million of them have a premium subscription. That means they are the active part of the Match community. Try this website and share with other people about your personal experiences in your Match review!

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