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Grindr Review: Social Network Site For Dating

Grindr Review: Social Network Site For Dating
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Active Audience 63%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 29-34
Profiles 690 000
Reply Rate 88%
Ease of Use 8.9
Popularity 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Complete functionality for free users.
  • It provides location-based services.
  • Considering all the features and pros and cons of this app, it has been found out that overall, this app is best for gay, bi, trans, and queer people.
  • Many members have claimed that they have found their life partners with this app's help.
  • Consists of a large number of spammers and scammers.
  • The interface of the application is said to be not very user-friendly.

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Grindr is a social networking and dating site for gay, bi, trans and queer people. It provides a location-based matchmaking service and, it is one of the first sites to introduce the concept of geo social dating for gay men. It is the world’s largest and most popular platform launched just in time when people started opening up about their gender orientation. The application was initially launched in the year 2009, and it has been one of the leading online dating platforms as of now. It has come out as the first gay dating app that works based on location in the entire world. Since then, it is the most famous and most downloaded gay app in the world. The Grindr website uses the device’s Geolocation to display people with the same dating preferences in the nearby area. The community has already reached more than 27,000,000 people with diversity worldwide.

Despite their popularity, there has been a controversy in April 2018 as the application requested members to add their HIV status on the profile. The criticisms that the application received were quite sharp. The majority of the users were disgusted by this sharing idea, especially because it is shared with third party advertisers and providers. After the strong recommendations from the community of users and other HIV prevention experts, the health characteristics can be published with consent in the portal’s member profile as of now. This will also include the HIV status and the last date of the test that the user has taken. To complete the profile, it is essential to include the status of the person’s sexual health, and information will be public to the rest of the users.

However, as per the Grindr review, this dating platform has been able to get a lot of positive reviews from the existing member base. To know more about the Grinder website, read the below briefed review for the Grindr app and website to discuss its pros, cons, working style, registration process, legitimacy, and details.

Grindr Review: Social Network Site For Dating

The Working Style Of The Grindr

Grindr provides its users with profiles only on one factor- that is, location. It shows people that are online and within a given proximity. It consists of quick-swiping, chatting and, meeting features like any other dating site but only for people with sexual orientation as gay, trans, or queer. This gender-related criterion led to Grindr’s massive popularity, and it continues to gather users from more than 192 countries spread around the world.

According to the Grindr reviews, the working of the website and Grindr app is quite simple and easy to grasp at the first attempt. After a user successfully creates an account, they can directly login on the app or desktop site to fill their profile. To increase the number of matches, users can add more information to their profile, which quickly gets updated on the interface.

Users can add the age, height, weight, body type, relationship status, ethnicity, position, what are they looking for, and my tribes in their profile. It increases the gain on their profile visits and ultimately leads to more number of matches.

It provides location-based services and works accordingly. Users can easily see the profiles that are online and within the radius of their location.

They can then swipe into that profile chat or ask to meet. Grindr website does not allow any other criteria upon which users can search each other. The search option is not available, allowing only a limited number of users’ profiles to browse upon for matchmaking.

It promotes all kinds of relationships that users are looking for. If they find a life partner, they can try their luck even if it is best for gay singles looking for something casual. The site provides features differently for free members and to those you subscribed to for membership. If users want to get the most out of the site, they can subscribe to the premium features named Grindr Xtra. It includes an ad-free experience with an unlimited number of blocks and favorites options. They can view more than 600 profiles and gain access to more Grindr tribes that are available.

The Xtra features include push notifications, online-only view, tribe selection up to 3 tribes, quick send and, photo filters features. It comes in 1 month, three months and, 12 months, where a month costs 13.00 USD, three months cost a total of 28.20 USD, and 12 months cost a total of 62.40 USD. It provides seven days free trial to know precisely what the Xtra features offer.

As per the Grinder review, many users are satisfied with the free membership as it allows messaging. It also provides an unlimited paid membership option that is on a level above the Xtra subscription. It was recently launched in 2019 that includes all features of Xtra, allows to unsend messages and photos, going incognito to browse and view other profiles, introduces typing status, unlimited searching and chatting. It also allows us to see who viewed their profile in the last 24 hours. It costs USD 49.99 for a month and USD 299.99 for 12 months. It is a completed package for all unlimited features.

The Working Style Of The Grindr

Simple And Hassle- Free Registration Process

The signup process is quite simple and free of cost for all users. It asks for necessary information like email, username, and birthday. The birthday is to make sure that the users are a minimum of 18 years-old. The Tribe feature allows all users to specify their age and sexual interest to know more about the user.

Users can select outstanding categories available during signup, and they can choose their favorite category and chat with members of that same specifications.

Users can also sign up using their Facebook account, which takes less than a minute. Either way, they don’t have to verify their profile, but they have to upload a mandatory photo to ensure legitimacy. The photo verification process completes within seconds but, fake users can use pictures of other people that can be, in some circumstances, untraceable.

Despite the mandatory photo upload criteria, users can choose to be anonymous on the site by uploading a faceless photo and very little information. In case users violate any community guidelines, the site can delete or ban their account to implement security measures.

If users want to link their social media account, they are free to do so. But, if they choose to keep their Grindr profile private, Grindr won’t collect their Facebook information. It also asks for preferences, including age, location, and tribe. After that, users can create a shortcut ‘about me’ section, which is an easy way to hook with other users.

Simple And Hassle- Free Registration Process

Two Way Messaging Options To Connect With Members

Users can connect on Grindr using two different ways that include messages and taps. Messages are a fundamental feature that allows the exchange of text and photos. In contrast, taps contain information on the profiles interested in a particular user in three manners, including looking great, friendly, and hot. These are represented in the form of emoticons that users can send to their interest profiles. This way, they inform that particular user that they are interested in communicating.

Sending and receiving messages on the Grindr website is free of cost. Users can also send photos and locations to each other via grinder sites and apps. The user should be a premium member if they would like to check out the status posted by their favorite profiles. The free members will only be able to chat with their favorite profile but not view everything.

It is a specific feature that includes a timestamp along with the message sent. Premium members can send more than one picture at a time and save instant messages or phrases.

To get a more incredible experience of messages, users can use the Gaymojis, which are not available on any other dating or social networking site. They are customized, LGBTQ themed emojis that promote fun and wild conversations between users. Currently, there are more than 500+ emojis available to aid the conversation process.

Two Way Messaging Options To Connect With Members

Member search Function On The Grindr Website

The Grindr site’s explore feature serves as a search function for users to find other countries’ profiles. Premium members can then tap, chat, and favorite those profiles to communicate. Grindr does not support the search feature for matchmaking, but if they find a profile of a photo attractive, they can tap on it and look for their information that includes how far they are from the user’s location.

As it is a Geolocation based service provider, it all depends on the location the users provide. Grindr’s target is to provide an instant chat and meetup facility to the members by reducing. This is an excellent feature for users looking for casual hookups.

For a better search experience, members must always keep their location on and allow the Grindr website to track their GPS. Doing this increases not only nearby profile searches but also collects necessary information to follow the route frequently visited to provide more advanced profiles.

Member search Function On The Grindr Website

The Functionality Of Grindr Mobile Application

The site has a fully functional mobile application available on android and IOS. It is free of cost and consists of all features that the desktop version provides. The working is similar, and the interface is easily understandable for first-time users.

According to the data available on various Grindr review websites, the average user spends 54 minutes on the application at one go. Users can update their profiles by the app without any difficulty and see the changes instantly. The application is quite user-friendly and very handy than the website.

It is convenient and consists of a modern design that attracts users to use on the go. The buttons and other sections are easy to navigate, and hardly anyone gets lost during use.

Grindr cares about users’ insecurity and allows a Discreet App Icon that enables them to choose Grindr’s look on their phone. It is a free and unique security feature that stands out of the box compared to other dating apps.

The Functionality Of Grindr Mobile Application

Special Features of Grindr

Grindr has various special features, and this makes it unique from other such apps. Some of the special features that this app has are:

  1. Gaymojis: This feature is not available on any social networking sites; only Grindr has it. Gaymojis is a collection of around 500 LGBTQ-themed emojis. They can be sent in messages. These emojis are a way to talk to people who belong to the same community.
  2. Tap: This option has a flame icon. If a member taps on another members’ profile, this means that they are interested in them. Members don’t need to send a text message, for that matter. And, if the other member is interested as well, they can start a conversation.
  3. Favorite: Members have the option of saving a profile that they like or find interesting. It gets saved in the ‘favorite’ tab, and members can contact whenever they want or feel like. Saving someone’s profile doesn’t send them notifications.
  4. Explore: It’s nothing but a search mode where various profiles from different countries are shown. In case someone likes those profiles, they can initiate a conversation, tap, or favorite those profiles. However, this can only happen when the users upgrade the app to Premium.

Special Features of Grindr

Costs and Prices Of Grindr Xtra Membership Plan

Users can upgrade to Grindr Xtra if they want. It costs 13 USD per month if users take a subscription of only a month. It costs 9.40 USD per month if users take a subscription of 3 months altogether. In total, it would cost around 28.20 USD for three months altogether. In case a user wants to take a subscription for the whole year overall, they need to pay 62.40 USD in total (5.20 USD per month). Users can upgrade to Grindr Unlimited as well if they want. It costs 41.11 USD for a month, 61.17 USD for three months, and 176.46 USD for 12 months.

Grindr Xtra allows users to have an ad-free experience, and members can view profiles of around 600 users altogether. It also activates push notifications for members. They can also favorite unlimited profiles that they like without any restrictions. Saving a profile doesn’t send notifications to the person whose profile is being held. Members also have the option of saving and sending chat phrases to other members. They can lock Grindr using a pin, as well. This increases security.

Grindr Premium allows users to scroll profiles endlessly. They can also see who all have viewed their profile secretly. There is an option of changing to incognito mode—a vast number of users like this. The best feature is that members can unsend the messages whenever they want without the other person knowing about it.

Costs and Prices Of Grindr Xtra Membership Plan

Alternatives Of Dating Websites

When it comes to casual fun, no app can beat Grindr. It’s probably the best site for LGBTQ. This site is like Tinder but only for men. However, there are similar apps available.

One such app is Chappy, which was founded by Ollie Locke. It has various categories for men, allowing members to search for precisely the type of person they are looking for. The categories are Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now, and Mr. Who Knows. Members can talk and know each other well rather than just hooking up.

The other similar app is Jack’d. This is currently the fastest growing app in the world for gay men. People who are looking for hookups and relationships can easily find their way to this app. This app has some features like Tinder. Members can check the yes or no boxes against the profiles of other members according to their choice.

Yet another app that is a lot similar to the Grindr website is Hornet. Users have said that the app has many features like Grindr. However, according to them, Hornet has a much cleaner interface as compared to Grindr. Also, it has fewer ads, which allows users to surf smoothly.

Alternatives Of Dating Websites

Controversial Issues Faces By Grindr Dating Platform

Since the times that the Grindr website has been launched, it has faced various controversies. It is pretty obvious to face controversies for an app that promotes temporary fun rather than permanent emotional supports.

Various researches were conducted, and it was found out that many men using Grindr are unhappy because it doesn’t promote lifetime emotional support.

It has been noticed that almost every other profile on Grindr has people with toned bodies. People who might not have the picture-perfect body or do not believe in maintaining themselves like that would be difficult and depressing to take a look through other profiles that mostly match the picture-perfect beach body type. This app has brought a negative image for itself by showcasing body perfection on this level. Most of the people using this app have become highly conscious of their bodies.

All the insecurities related to the body have made people very unhappy. They always tend to compare themselves a lot, which affects their mental health to a great extent. All the gay app users seem to be disconnected from reality.

Security Features Of Grindr

Grindr has various security features. This app can track the locations of its users through GPS, Wi-Fi, or cellular network.

Users can be anonymous if they want to. They can put a Faceless picture and can also add very little information about them so that other users won’t know who they are.

Grindr provides its users with the option of linking their profiles to their social media accounts. However, it never posts any information about the users on the connected account without their consent. Neither does it collect any personal data of users from their social media accounts.

When a person agrees to the app’s terms and conditions, it allows Grindr to keep an eye on his app activities. A moderator always does background checks on all the users and verifies all the information provided at the time of registration. In case anything about the profile violates its community guidelines, Grindr has full rights to ban or permanently delete the account.

Protective Measures Taken By Grindr To Keep The Data Of Its Users Safe

Grindr never asks for a phone number, financial information, or address from its users. Neither does it want its users to publicly post such personal information until and unless they are comfortable sharing such information with other users.

Grindr updates location only when a user opens the app. Users also have the option of hiding their distance from their profile. However, if the users are comfortable, they can send their locations to other users. Also, Grindr blocks geolocations in all the places where it is either illegal or unsafe for the LGBTQ community.

Users can also block other users who they find to be irritating. After blocking, both of them will not be able to contact each other unless they unblock again. Users can also report other users’ profiles if they find anything disturbing or go against the community guidelines.

Final Words

Grindr website is currently the best dating app for the LGBTQ community. Users can use Gaymojis, which is provided only by this app and none other. These emojis are a way to talk to people who belong to the same community. Instead of sending a text to another member, members can tap on their profile, and the other member would initiate a conversation if the feelings are mutual. Users can also save other users’ profiles, and this wouldn’t send a notification to the person whose profile has been saved. This app also has an explore section where several profiles of other users are shown, and those who like them can tap or save those posts anytime they want, without any restrictions imposed.

Many negative Grindr reviews have also been found regarding privacy and security features. Many users have been unhappy with this app. This is because, in some way, this app promotes temporary relationships instead of permanent ones. However, one can find a positive Grindr review as well when it comes to the unique features that this app provides.

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