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Fetlife Review 2022: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?

Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?
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Active Audience 67%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 25-35
Profiles 2 500 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 9
Popularity 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • Registering is straightforward and free
  • Excellent value-added features
  • You can socialize and even find a hookup.
  • It has a large database –most users love kink and fetish activities.
  • The customer support is reliable and excellent.
  • You can join groups and be part of the discussions.
  • Excellent matchmaking algorithm.
  • There are multiple niches to join, covering different kinks and fetishes.
  • Members can ask prospective partners about their details –it allows you to be genuine without fearing any prejudices.
  • Most profiles are comprehensive, and you can edit your information at any time.
  • The interface is quite outdated but functional.
  • Navigating some functions is not straightforward.
  • If you don’t cancel your membership, it will be renewed without your consent.
  • Some value-add on features is quite costly.
  • The mobile application is not compatible with all devices.
  • New subscribers might find the interface a bit technical to navigate.
  • Most users don’t reveal their identity.
  • Finding submissive Fetlife’s female users is quite challenging.
  • The ratio of men to women (30:70) is not pleasing.
  • There have been several controversial claims against the platform.

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If you are contemplating kinky dating sites, you might want to try Fetlife. It is a hookup platform for all people in different communities. It is more of a social network that offers an alternative for different people, including BDSM, fetish, and people with similar interests to find and connect with like-minded people. You will meet different kinky characters that would excite you.

The platform works like Facebook, allowing you to meet and mingle with people from different walks of life. Since its launch by BitLove inc. 2008, it has attracted over 8 million subscribers across the globe. Users have the option of joining groups and participating in discussions or engage in private chats. The platform runs on donations and the membership subscription plans.

Since it works as a social networking platform, you can compare its functionality to other social platforms such as Facebook you can add friends, follow other users, and post on their walls. Making contact happens mainly via texting, similar to Facebook’s messenger or Instagram’s direct messages. Even as the platform boasts of being a hookup and a networking platform, can you find real dates here? Is the database full of fakes, or can you meet someone? How does it work? Read the Fetlife review to understand the registration process and its functionality.

Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?

How Does It Work?

Before signing up, it will help if you know how the Fetlife website works. After registration, you can browse through multiple profiles. If you like a user, you can add them to your friends’ list or follow the user (similar to social media platforms). You will meet people with different orientations, with a majority looking to gratify their sexual whims. You can meet curious, demanding, and submissive partners on the platform.

Submissive subscribers get countless messages from members who are looking for such individuals. Above everything, you can schedule a physical meeting with prospective partners. There are more women compared to men, with a majority of the users aged 24 to 35. If you are not interested in casual hookups, you can join the porn groups and watch free videos. You can use most features at no cost. Regardless, making the most out of the platform is subject to upgrading –purchase tokens, and you will access and enjoy using the best features.

Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?


Signing up is free, straightforward, and less strict. Within ten minutes, you can start using the platform. From the Fetlife review, users can use the platform with a little information like your username, password, sexual orientation, and birth date. Usually, a confirmation link is sent to a user’s phone number for verification reasons. You require the following when registering:

  • Username
  • Email address
  • Gender and the people you’d like to meet
  • Sexual orientation and preferences
  • Location
  • Your role on the platform, for example, mistress, slave, or toy.

Unlike many other dating sites, you cannot sign up or link your other social media accounts when signing up on Fetlife website. Nonetheless, you can post and share your information on your other networks. After registration, you must fill a questionnaire about your interests. The questionnaire responses are used to pair you and connect you to the appropriate groups. If you don’t like spending most of your time finding the ideal groups, it will help if you submitted accurate information when keying in your interests. You will also find prospective hookups within a short time.

Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?


From the Fetlife reviews, making contact and messaging is free. Contacting another user is primarily via texting. Most subscribers have guidelines on their profiles and the kind of information that interests them. It would be best to go through a profile before initiating a conversation.

You should know that interacting with prospective hookups requires caution, lest you face aggression or grapple with rudeness. The media shared on this platform is full of sexually explicit content, with most of it having pornographic content. If a user harasses you when using the platform, you can block him or her. Better yet, you can report aggressive users to Fetlife’s support team.

Searching for a member is easy on the Fetlife website. There is a search box where users can find members by keying in particular words. The ‘Explore’ tab allows you to find other users by viewing their profiles. You can also join several groups and hookup with other members. If you are stuck on how to navigate the platform and how to search for partners, you can:

  • Choose the preferred roles on the platform, and be sure to indicate this when signing up. This way, you find other members with ease.
  • Participate in group and community discussions. Groups have a variety of topics where users can join, learn, contribute, and find hookups.
  • Browse through multiple user-profiles. When you do this, you can read a subscriber’s information and decide whether to start a conversation or not.
  • Share information, videos, and media and on other user’s walls. You can also like their posts and comment on them. You might find a hookup by doing these basic tips.
Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?

Mobile Application

You can access Fetlife via the browser or download it from the site as an APK. However, the mobile application is not compatible with iOS devices. Most users (at least 70%) can access Fetlife via the mobile application. Its interface is pretty simple, straightforward, and convenient. According to the Fetlife review, the downside of using the mobile app is that there is a limit to the number of messages you can send to other users per day. When you reach the maximum, you are automatically timed out.

When using the app, you can adjust the settings to receive regular notifications. The app has a neat layout that makes it easy to navigate. With the app, you can hide your location and edit your information as often as possible. The app seems to be more convenient compared to the website version.

Special Features

From the Fetlife reviews, the platform offers many features that enhance usability and functionality. Though the platform has an outdated design, you would love using these features. You can enjoy the following functionalities:

  • Blogs: users can read this section to be informed about different topics. You can click on either the ‘Popular’ or ‘Kinky’ sections to access various topics.
  • Discussions: users can join different groups and discuss different topics. The conversations can spark interest between members, and you can find a partner by contributing to different discussions.
  • Share: though the platform is to connect and match people with prospective partners, users can share about their sexual interests, fantasies, and all sorts of fetish desires.
  • Groups and communities: these sections comprise different subscribers with similar interests. When registering, the interests you input determine the group you join. Alternatively, you can search and browse through various groups and join one that interests you.
  • Unlimited chat: Interestingly, you can interact with other members via the chat feature. In this section, members can ask questions, share media, and contribute to exciting topics. You can also engage with users in private chats.
  • Event notifications: People with similar interests can meet when they attend different events organized by Fetlife. The events comprise all sorts of adult festivals and concerts. If an event is scheduled, members are notified, and if they are willing to participate, they can confirm.
  • Video streaming: Rather than viewing several photos, users have the option of watching high-quality videos. The videos have a mix of explicit sexual content and fetish activities. To utilize this feature, you must upgrade your account.
  • The browser and mobile versions: members can access Fetlife via the mobile application or the website. Both versions have a straightforward interface, making it simple to use. From Fetlife reviews, the mobile app is more convenient compared to the browser version.
  • Follow: since the platform works as a social networking site, users can use the ‘Follow’ functionality to receive updates on what other users share on the platform. Users who dominate and share a lot on the site are recognized as famous. Such members share pornographic media, making them play the most loved Fetlife’s roles (porn stars).
  • Anonymity: like on other hookup sites, Fetlife’s users can interact anonymously. This function makes it ideal for people who want to share fetish ideas, stories, and media without fearing members’ reactions –users who know you might be judgmental.
Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?

Costs and Prices

The Fetlife website is characterized by special features, which are only accessible before payment. You can make purchases through direct debit, credit card, bank transfer, GiroPay, Bitcoin, and Paysafecard. Depending on your choice, you can purchase any of the following membership plans:

  • For six months, users can pay at least 30 USD
  • For one year, members will pay 60 USD
  • For two years, you are supposed to pay 120 USD. If you choose a two-year membership plan, you will benefit from life support accorded by Fetlife’s technical team.

You can continue enjoying the services if only you renew the subscriptions. Usually, there is an automatic renewal of membership plans if you don’t cancel the plan. If you register under free membership, you can enjoy the following:

  • Register without complications for free
  • Upload your photos and media
  • Communicate, chat, and interact with friends
  • Browse and view profiles comprehensively
  • Participate in group discussions

Members who purchase a premium plan can enjoy the following features:

  • View sex explicit content
  • See the top-rated photos and media
  • Receive a profile badge on your profile
  • Be in top browser results


If you are unsure of using the Fetlife website, you might want to explore other dating platforms. The following are dating sites that have a similar functionality compared to Fetlife.


The platform is free to sign and has a database of over 50 million users. You will love the fetish activities and gratify your kinks. Users have the option of adding people to their list by sending a request. Unlike Fetlife, the platform has a provision for live webcam where members can stream and watch live performances. The main downside that prospective users have to grapple with before signing up on AdultFriendFinder is its costs. The value-added features are quite costly.


It is one of the excellent hookup platforms you can ever try. It attracts over 80 thousand users per week. Like Fetlife, you will meet individuals who are interested in exploring all sorts of kinks. Registering on the site is free, but there is a need to upgrade if you wish to access the best features. What makes ALT unique is that users can upload media and videos to attract other members’ attention.


If you are looking for another fetish platform, you should try BDSM. Members discuss and share on different topics without shying off prejudices. On this hookup site, you will join live performances and connect via video with other members. Perhaps it might be interesting if you realize that you can chat with sexy members. You can also upload sexy media to attract more followers. The only thing that can discourage you from using the platform is the expenses –it is among the most costly.


When you are looking for casual hookup sites, rarely will you miss Tinder among the top results. Though it is more of a matchmaking platform, you can find people interested in different fetishes. You can up and use some features at no cost. The only challenge is that there is no straightforward option for finding a particular kink and fetishes.


The hookup platform allows you to explore different kinks and fetishes as much as you wish. No user will judge you for sharing explicit media. If you are looking for different sex drives, you will love SinSingles; it allows you to explore all sorts of fetishes. Users like the live chats feature as it allows you to connect with users via the webcam. You might have to upgrade to utilize premium features. The interface and design are also outdated.


Most fetish dating sites have been the center of controversy. There have been claims, such as abuse, cyberbullying, and violent cases that have been filed, raising the alarm against using the platform. Some previous users associated the following claims with using Fetlife:

Murder case

In 2017 Fetlife was in the headlines for the alleged murder of Yingyng Zhang. His death resulted from the abduction by Brendt Christensen, Fetlife’s member. The two were attending one of the website’s events, ‘Abduction 101.’ Though the murder and the website don’t link directly, this incident tarnished Fetlife’s reputation.

An alleged rape case

Fetlife allows users to share sexual fantasies and fetish stories. However, Liam Gordon Murphy (alias the Wolf), one of Fetlife’s users, was accused of publishing real erotic stories on the platform. Since he shared real taboo stories, the aggrieved (a lady called Adrienne) lost the admiration she had for Wolf. The two met several times and engaged in consensual sex. However, this changed, and Adrienne sued ‘the Wolf’ for assault and rape. Unfortunately, the judge dismissed these charges since Adrienne could not produce substantial evidence to support her claims.

In Fetlife’s response, they pulled out content with erotic stories and prohibited members from sharing such content. Even so, members would still share similar content. Regardless of Fetlife’s efforts to filter out such content, these claims make the platform controversial. As a result, prospective users are a bit cautious before signing up. Nonetheless, it is a platform worth trying (be sure to be alert of any suspicious and safety threatening activities).

Fetlife Review 2020: Just Fakes Or Real Hot Dates?


If you are concerned about Fetlife’s security, you should be sure that the platform is safe to use. No one will judge you for sharing taboo sexual activities and kinks –at least every Fetlife’s user wants to explore erotic content as they pursue satisfaction. If you feel uncomfortable with other users, you can report them or block them. Should you feel aggrieved or no longer wish to be on the platform, you can delete or deactivate your account –no member is obliged to keep using it.

When you read the privacy policy, you are assured that there is no way for Fetlife to sell your information. All chats are encrypted with SSL technology. Users are also cautioned against meeting other members in private rooms –it will help protect yourself against people with malicious intent and fraudsters. When attending Fetlife’s events and exhibitions, members should be cautious to avoid abduction, rape, and murder incidences.

Fetlife’s members are encouraged to report any incidents that might arise when you are using the platform. The customer support team is available 24/7 to respond to your grievances. There are different ways to contact Fetlife’s technical team. Based on your concern, you can use the following emails to channel your concerns.

For concerns on usability, functionality, and membership, send your email via support@fetlife.com. If you want to report fake profiles, harassment, bullying, and aggression, send an email to report@fetlife.com.

For any legal concerns, send an email to legal@fetlife.com.

If you want to sponsor adverts and promotions, contact Fetlife on YourFriendlyAdSalesTeam@fetlife.com.

What Protective Measures Does Fetlife Take to Keep Your Data Safe?

Your data’s safety is a vital concern before registering on a hookup platform. The technical team uses the latest technologies to ensure that no third party can access your information. Fetlife users are encouraged to share the effectiveness of its security features. Your billing information is confidential, and users are guaranteed safety –somebody cannot use your details for malicious intentions.

Initially, other users could view their private communication. However, after some complaints, Fetlife’s technical team introduced an SSL technology to encrypt chats. You can also read the privacy policy on the homepage to ensure that you abide by the provisions.


It is incredible to realize that you can access a hookup platform that acts as a social network site. On this platform, users can add or follow friends. Better yet, you can join and participate in groups and contribute to different discussions. Free subscribers can access some basic features.

You can also upgrade if you want to utilize most features. You can find casual dates by interacting with other users or by attending Fetlife’s events. From this review, you can tell that the platform has real hot dates, though you can still be a victim of scams and fake profiles. People looking for dating sites with erotic and fetish content might find the Fetlife website viable.

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