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ChatiW Review – Find Out How to Connect With Strangers

ChatiW Review – Find Out How to Connect With Strangers
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Active Audience 81%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 30-40
Profiles 709 000
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 7.9
Popularity 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • ChatiW is a good platform for people who are interested in interacting with strangers.
  • It provides a platform for people looking for casual or serious relationships.
  • ChatiW mobile applications are available for Android users.
  • The Android application is as flexible as the website.
  • They have a rapid and easy registration process.
  • ChatiW supports English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.
  • Both the website and the Android application are accessible anywhere in the world.
  • Most of the features are available for free.
  • Users can directly send messages to anyone they find interesting profiles.
  • ChatiW users can block profiles that are disturbing in any manner.
  • A lot of ChatiW reviews indicate the presence of fake profiles.
  • ChatiW lacks the proper verification process.
  • ChatiW does not provide mobile applications for iOS users.
  • Lack of various attractive features when compared to other popular dating platforms.
  • The VIP membership does not provide any significant benefit for the users.
  • Users cannot share personal information or website links on ChatiW chats.
  • Free users can send only a limited number of messages a day.
  • The chat history only provides the history of conversations conducted in a particular session.
  • ChatiW does not provide equal opportunity for transgender people and homosexuals.

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ChatiW is an online platform that connects people across the globe, mostly through chats. It is an Australian-based company founded in 2009 to help people find suitable partners or soulmates. This website’s major thought is to create a space where strangers can chat and share their interests.

More than an online chat platform, it is also a flexible dating platform for singles looking for serious or casual dating experiences. ChatiW website is an easily accessible website that provides free access to most of its features. However, it also has an additional premium membership option for a better experience.

ChatiW might bring a refreshing change as it is filled with numerous chat rooms that do not require registration. ChatiW helps the users find the right kind of partner through chats. ChatiW supports both website and mobile versions. This might be their way of finding that special relationship.

Along with private conversations, members can also participate in group discussions, and it brings together various people from different sectors. ChatiW is much popular in the US and some western countries like Germany, Canada, and Russia. The website is open for all within the age group of 18-90, while most of its members come from the age group 18-35. According to the ChatiW review, it is a user-friendly website that can be accessed by people worldwide. Here is a detailed review of the website to evaluate if they can find out their partners here or not.

ChatiW Review - Find Out How to Connect With Strangers

Working Procedure Of ChatiW

ChatiW is mostly a free-to-use chat website that helps people interact with lots of people worldwide. It mostly works based on an in-built chat interface that provides a personalized chatting experience to its users. The website provides its users with a list of people interested in having a conversation, and one can very easily click on their names and begin chatting. Users can send messages, pictures, and any other information according to their convenience to the one at the opposite end. It works mostly as a flirting or casual dating website since there is a lack of user authenticity.

ChatiW also allows its users to chat anonymously with strangers without disclosing the real identity or any other personal information. They only display the username that the user provides, age, gender, and location to people with whom one is chatting. Compared to various popular dating websites today, this is a very simple platform with fewer features. The website has a blog section to help the new users, and it also gives some chatting tips for new users. Even though most of the ChatiW features are free, there are certain limitations to its use, which does not apply to its premium users. If the user would like to have a better version of the free access, then the premium is recommended.

Working Procedure Of ChatiW

Registering up as a Newbie User

Registration is the basic step in every online dating platform. Signing up is so simple and straightforward on ChatiW that it is possible to say that there is no specific sign up procedure at all. New users do not have to provide their sensitive personal information like an email address or any other contact details.

The first information that one has to give on ChatiW is the nickname, which can be anything according to the users’ interests. New users have to specify their sex, age, country, and state along with the name. The country would be automatically filled using the GPS, and the users can either manually select their condition or use the GPS to locate. Location is a significant factor on the ChatiW website to provide chat suggestions from nearby areas. On providing all this general information, the user can directly start their conversation with a stranger.

Even though there is no specific registration, users need to provide their personal information like an email address for premium memberships. As per the ChatiW reviews, it has a distinct registration procedure for the VIP memberships. Like other dating websites, one has to provide a username, email, and password to register as a VIP member. However, there is no specific verification procedure while registering as a free member or as a premium member.

Registering up as a Newbie User

Messaging Options on ChatiW

ChatiW website is primarily designed for interacting with people through messages, and chatting is pretty simple on the website. New users can complete a straightforward registration process and start messaging strangers. Users can search for people using the search tab to send text messages. On finding interesting profiles, users can click on the profile and select the message option to begin the chat. One can send text messages and images using this chat feature. However, one can only send a limited number of messages a day for free. ChatiW website also does not allow its user to send any personal information or any links through their chats.

Like sending, receiving messages is also important, and ChatiW quickly notifies its users each time someone sends a message.

Users can select the notification to read the message and to know more about the sender. The website provides a history of conversations that a user has had in a particular login session. There are additional messaging features on ChatiW to ensure users’ safety, like message filter options. The message filter option helps users filter users’ access based on their age, sex, or location. Moreover, one can block and report other users on receiving scams or irritating messages.

Messaging Options on ChatiW

Search For A Member On ChatiW

ChatiW profiles are mostly less detailed than other popular dating websites, and therefore the search option on this platform is also of not much use. Free users can only look for online people to initiate conversations; that is, the normal search function is almost not applicable to these users. The free users are provided automatically by the website based on location. A lot of free ChatiW users are unhappy with this search restriction on the website.

The VIP members of ChatiW can search for people based on usernames, age, sex, or locations. These members can also search for profiles matching interests and preferences; however, this would be hard since most of the profiles lack such information. ChatiW website also has a ‘like list,’ which also helps paid members find people online. Users can see people have liked their profile and whom they have liked on the website. People can also search for people using this list and begin conversations. The search option on ChatiW is not very efficient in providing the expected results, mainly due to numerous fake profiles.

Search For A Member On ChatiW

ChatiW Mobile Application For The User

ChatiW website has a mobile application for Android users alone. The mobile application is available on the Google play store, and it provides a user-friendly approach to its users. Most of the ChatiW reviews suggest that the mobile applications are much better than the original website, with all the features available on the application. One can download the app for free, and requires very less storage space. Users can search, like, and conveniently chat with strangers using their mobile device. One of ChatiW mobile application’s major benefits is that one can use it any time and easily upload or send pictures to others. Moreover, the mobile application offers more privacy to users than desktop or laptop use.

Like on the ChatiW website, mobile applications also do not require any specific registration to use. Users need to provide only general information like age, sex, and location as on the website. The mobile application also supports English, French, Spanish, Italian, and German languages. There are fewer ads on mobile applications, and they also provide their email address to report scams, disturbing comments, or abusive messages. Like the ChatiW website, the mobile application is also accessible anywhere in the world.

ChatiW Mobile Application For The User

Special Features To Know about ChatiW

ChatiW explains as a chat platform to find a large number of people and build relations. It helps the users to find people and communicate with them without undergoing any registration process. The platform keeps no restrictions on chatting. It advocates safe chatting even with the exchange of photographs. One can also find people from the other side of the globe in ChatiW.

Most members of ChatiW are from the US. There is a larger proportion of men than women, with the majority from the younger age groups. However, it does not act as a restriction for the other older users to use the website.

The main advantage of ChatiW is that there is no need for registration. Users can enter and communicate with others in the chat rooms, even without any email or identity.

The website lists a chat platform. Users can chat free of cost, though there are restrictions for the number of messages sent per day. Also, there are restrictions for free users that forbid sending links or contact details.

Users can also send their photos while communicating with other members. Users receive a profile of the members they are chatting with. Though there is no need for registration, users can view their location, username, age, and gender. Also, if a user remains inactive for several hours, the ChatiW website logs them out and removes all data they had entered.

Users can receive their chat history at the top of their main chat page. It maintains a record of the conversations of the users with other members. However, there would be records of the previous day or hour.

The website also has a link to their blog articles. These have information and tips on subjects of dating, relationships, and chatting. There is also a separate page that gives safety advice for online chatting. It guides the users to maintain privacy in these chat rooms and tips to avoid scammers. There are also links to other associates of ChatiW.

Special Features To Know about ChatiW

Pricing And Costs of ChatiW

ChatiW offers free chat services. There are no costs for chatting on the website to any user. However, there are restrictions on various subjects to free users while chatting. This can be avoided with a paid subscription.

Free users of ChatiW can join the website and immediately chat with someone in the chat rooms. They can search for other users or members of the website and send personal messages. They can also edit and complete their profiles.

Free users are able to send pictures and emojis to other users. Users can also block any user if they find unreasonable or suspicious activity. They also can check their chat history, which would be available on their profiles.

At the same time, free users have restrictions on sharing links and contact details. They also have a limited number of messages that can be sent per day. This can be overcome with a paid membership.

Paid users also receive priority service and support. They can send unlimited private messages. Paid users can also avail ad-free experience on the ChatiW website. Paid users also have the exclusive benefit of reserving a nickname that can be used permanently whenever they receive the website. They also will receive a VIP badge and ban priority.

The paid service is available in the name of VIP membership. The one month plan is open for 4.95 USD. Membership for six months would cost 25.95 USD, charged at a rate of 4.33 USD per month. A 12-month membership is available at a rate of 4.16 USD per month, which will total 49.95 USD. Users can also use the lifetime membership open for 99.95 USD.

The cost of paid membership can be considered to be average when compared with similar platforms. The price can be paid through PayPal.

Alternative Choices of ChatiW

ChatiW offers free chat service to users without any registration process. There are other alternatives that users can look into for similar experiences.

Harmony, Ashley Madison, and AdultFriendFinder are three other options that can be used. These serve as dating platforms that help users to find people and connect with them.

The features provided by this website are quite different from that of the alternatives, and the free option seems to be quite attractive here for the users.

Controversy And Rumors About ChatiW

Most websites in the dating industries have had their fair share of rumors and controversies, which is no different. ChatiW has its share of scammers and frauds online, and the users in the ChatiW reviews strongly tell that. Especially since the website is open to all, many scammers use this as a platform to find possible victims. Thus, users should ensure that they do not share private information with anyone they find in chat rooms.

Also, there have been experiences of users being too straightforward and taking chats to a different level. Users can always choose to stop communication with any user if they find any uncomfortable chats. If the other party seems to intimidate this user, then it is advisable to report the user to the site moderators or reach out to the help desk. There is also an option for blocking users. However, raising a complaint will help the rest of the users.

Security Of Members On The Site

ChatiW was developed to make free chats with other users anonymously. This has led to many security issues. Several fraudsters have used this as a means of finding people to scam.

There are many people who find fraud users chatting with them online. It is hard to find someone’s identity while chatting on ChatiW. It can put innocent people into serious traps.

The website has some restrictions which are claimed to be for security reasons. Free users will not be able to send links or contact details to other users. Users also have restrictions on the number of messages that can be sent. At the same time, these restrictions can be overcome by paying for a VIP membership. There are three plans that the users can avail of for a paid membership. The ChatiW review has also found a lifetime plan for users.

How Does ChatiW Ensure That Their User’s Data Is Safe

ChatiW has several safety measures to ensure the privacy of its users. They do not ask for any email verification for entering into the chat rooms or for private chats. However, users have to pass through a bot captcha. This is done to ensure security for ChatiW users.

Users can also choose to avoid specific conversations if they feel uncomfortable. Also, they can block users to prevent further chats. If blocked, the website will ban those users for a day.

Users are prevented from sending links and contact details for security reasons. However, this can be overcome with a VIP membership. VIP members also can avoid bit captcha as ChatiW feels that their paid users need to be given priority in service.

ChatiW also has a security page that gives this and guidelines to be safe on the website. Users can read and understand these to ensure that they do not fall under the trap of any fraud or scam chats.

ChatiW also maintains a privacy policy. According to it, they have committed to being responsible for the data they collect and store. They also claim that any data would be removed under the will of the users.

Users of ChatiW have the provision of entering chat rooms for a temporary purpose. No user has to provide any personal details or identification proof. Also, they can choose not to use a photo for their profile. Any inactive profile and the data related to it will also be removed if it remains inactive for hours.

ChatiW also maintains links to many of their blogs that provide in-depth information on online chat rooms’ safety. They give guidelines and tips on how to use the website carefully without causing any harm to the self or others.


ChatiW is just right for those who are bored with ordinary dating sites. They offer a platform where people can meet and interact freely. There is no need for any registration or verification to start using the website.

Users can directly login using a username by providing details of age, location, and gender. There is a small security process of solving both captchas. After this, they can search for other profiles and instantly start private chats.

The website warns users of being safe on the website. There are security guidelines and tips to stay safe while communicating with people over the internet. Users should be vigilant not to exchange any private information or photos in online chats.

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