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Badoo Review – Find Partner And Maintain A Better Social Life

Badoo Review – Find Partner And Maintain A Better Social Life
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Active Audience 60%
Quality Matches 89%
Popular Age 29-39
Profiles 590 800
Reply Rate 89%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Popularity - It is widely known and used as a website. Its popularity makes it pretty much safe to use as, usually, when something is popular, it is trusted by the people and is accepted widely. Badoo's popularity was so immense that it was ranked as the 17th in growing apps on Facebook, which is a big deal. In 2012, Nick Cannon was chosen to be the website's spokesperson, and it was hence launched in the United States of America. Wired had described Badoo as a 'mass phenomenon' in Brazil, Spain, France, Mexico, and Italy
  • Wide variety of features - This application keeps in mind what the consumers need and has created something primarily based on the population needs. There are plenty of features that one could choose from. It is an app that is open to customization according to a particular person's needs, and that is fantastic because it gives a person a chance to get what they want.
  • Free Service - The best thing about this app is that its services are used for free. The users can get all the options and choices and use all the perks for no cost whatsoever. It may not seem like a lot, but when the users have to pay for every little thing on some app, they realize what a boon these Free services are.
  • Easy to use Website - Unlike many other websites, Badoo is relatively easy to use and is visually appealing to the eye. It is effortless to navigate, and the user can control; however, they want to have shown to the world outside.
  • Privacy - This peer-reviewed study conducted by Cambridge University showed how this website had the lowest privacy score among 45 other social networking sites examined alongside. Privacy is paramount for a lot of people, and rightly so. Hence this does leave a significant stain on the website.
  • Consent controversy – A Finnish newspaper named Iltalehti reported that the Badoo website had been creating profiles of individuals without their consent. The people had no prior knowledge of how and when their profiles had been made on the website. Many of them had also decided to take it upon them to launch a complaint with the police about the website's misdemeanor because it's not something to be swept under the rug.
  • Search removal requests - According to Google's transparency report on the requests for search removals, which stemmed from the "right to be forgotten" rule. Not surprisingly, Badoo had the eighth-highest number of URLs removed from the Google Search option, with Facebook, YouTube, Google Groups, and Twitter receiving a higher number of these requests.
  • First impressions - After a CNET review performed by Rafe Needleman, he deemed the website to be 'creepy.' He felt like it was more of a photo-based dating website than a site where people were supposed to engage based on their shared interests as the app portrayed it.

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Badoo is the solution to all the dating-related yearnings now. Founded in 2006, Badoo was first launched in Russia and gained a massive fan following. It had been ranked as one of the most well known and widely used dating websites. In 2016 it was the most downloaded application in around 21 countries. That goes to show how dedicated this app is. Badoo does justice to its tagline, “more than dating,” because it is an overall experience. It has an aesthetically pleasant logo in orange and purple that can catch the eye in an instant. Although there are plenty of dating websites present, it is relatively safe to say that the Badoo website is one of the leading sites because of its functions. Below, a detailed Badoo review has been discussed to know more about its pros, cons, features, and everything else which a new user must know about.

Badoo - Find Your Date And The Best Social Life

The Working Style of Badoo Website

Badoo website works quite in a simple manner. All they have to do is long on to the website or have the application downloaded. From there on, they can sign up as directed and start using the app. They have the option to select if they want to meet new people, date, make new friends, or chat when they first begin signing up. It is done so that the user can are matched with another user who feels the same way to avoid a clash or conflict between what they were looking for. It has these following features that make it so appealing:

The main features include:

  1. People Nearby – Users would be able to see who is nearby and who are present in their areas so that they can make a move
  2. Search – This option makes it easier for users to look for people around the world and meet and make friends from all over the globe
  3. Encounters – This feature allows people on the Badoo website to swipe right for yes and left for no on other profiles. If both swipe right, they are notified, and from there on, they can have a conversation
  4. Video calls – The essential feature in any application in today’s day. This allows people to call each other and see their faces without disclosing their other social media profiles.

The Working Style of Badoo Website

Registration and Sign Up Process OfBadoo

The registration process is pretty basic and tedious; it will require essential identification and contact information. Once that is done, the user has to update their photographs and videos and choose a companion they are looking for. There is also a photo verification process which is present to obliterate any predators or scammers. Photos are verified real quickly by the moderators present. It is pretty fast and efficient. It is how one is supposed to get started with Badoo. The rest is present on the application itself for people to follow.

The profile verification will be complete if the user uploads at least one picture of themselves and if they connect the website or application with the social network or verify it with their contact number. The profile will have private photographs and videos, and the users can share it whenever they would like to.

Registration and Sign Up Process OfBadoo

Start With Messaging On Badoo

There are a couple of ways to message someone on the site. One could be when a person matches with another user, they’ll be given an option to message each other. They can carry on their conversation on that interface. Other than that, they can also send in a request to message someone they probably found interesting in the application. The other person can, of course, choose to accept or deny the offer.

The messaging is one of the prominent features of this website, and according to the Badoo review, the Superman icon is the most exciting aspect of this. The users can see the popularity level with the help of an iPhone battery-like icon, and it lets the users view the messages first. It includes the ability to undo the votes on the profiles, which is applicable to premium users. With the increase in activity, the popularity will also improve, helping the user improve the level.

Start With Messaging On Badoo

Searching For A Partner Through Member Search On Badoo Website

To search for someone particular or someone in their area, they can type in the username and look for whoever they have been searching for. The previous settings do matter here, however, because the search settings will be based on that. If one user had selected that they want to meet local people, it would be focused on the local areas, and if someone is willing to go internationally, then the search results will come up like that. However, if one wants to get more messages, they can sign up for the premium version, which requires a minimum payment. The rise up feature allows the user’s profile to have increased visibility over some time. Other ‘superpowers’ could be used to let users see more of the search results and know who wants to meet them and which messages have been read.

Like regular dating websites, there is a swiping option for people to like and dislike the profiles. The users can also send gifts to other profiles if they are not comfortable in starting a conversation. There is a particular option by the name “people nearby” to look for the available profile within the area. The application also shows detailed data on the user location. The chat icon is available right on the user profile to click on it and start chatting. They can also share a virtual gift by clicking on the chat icon.

Searching For A Partner Through Member Search On Badoo Website

Does Badoo have a mobile application?

Badoo also does have a mobile application, which is quite necessary in these new times. It has all the features of the website but more securely and compactly. This application is handier and allows better and faster connections with people from around the world. Although few Badoo reviews have suggested that the app does tend to crash, there have been plenty of positive reviews.

Thus, after a detailed conversation and break down Badoo to bits, the users can conclude that this application is worth the try. However, users do have to keep in mind privacy issues. The users should be cautious of the decisions they make about contacting other users on this application.

Does Badoo have a mobile application?

Special Features of Badoo

Badoo is a hybrid of a dating website and a social networking website. It has various games and additional features, which makes it different from other websites. Some of the unique features of Badoo are as follows.

  • Badoo Encounters: ‘Encounters’ is a game on Badoo, which helps singles find matches. It’s somewhat similar to the ‘Swipe’ feature on Tinder. It gives a picture of a user who shares the same interests as the one playing and asks to choose between ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘Maybe.’ If both the users select ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe,’ they get an option to start the chat. It allows users to look for matches quickly.
  • Profile Score: Pictures of members can be rated using this feature. The higher the rating will be, the more visible the profile will become.
  • Lookalikes: This feature helps users to search for lookalikes of people they like. This is probably the most liked feature.
  • Visits: This feature shows users all the accounts that have visited their profile. Users can check it every once in awhile using this feature.
  • Likes: Badoo sends notifications to the user’s phone every time someone likes their profile. This is helpful as users get to know without even opening the site or app.
  • Favorites: Users can put the profile of other users who they like on this list. They can also see who all have put them on their favorite list.
  • Gifts: Users can send gifts to other users as well by using credits. They can also send emojis to grab the attention of other users.

Apart from all these unique features, the profile verification option is reliable, and the registration process is quick and straightforward. Facial recognition becomes a unique aspect of this particular website. Other gamification features enhance the appeal of the website. The users can also add the videos and photos to look at or keep it as private albums according to their preferences.

Special Features of Badoo

Pricing And It’s Amazing features Given To Members

Downloading, installing, and registering on Badoo is free. However, it costs 12.99 USD per month if a user takes a subscription of 1 month only. It costs 10.99 USD per month if a user wants a subscription of 3 months altogether. So, the total cost for three months would be 31.99 USD. It costs 8.00 USD per month if a user wants a subscription for six months altogether. The total cost for six months would be 47.99 USD.

Users can buy credits on Badoo as well. Credits are used for sending gifts and emojis to other users. If a user wants to buy 100 credits, he will have to pay 0.03 USD per credit, which equals 2.99 USD for 100 credits. Five hundred fifty credits cost 0.02 USD per credit, which equals 9.99 USD for 550 credits. One thousand two hundred fifty credits cost 0.02 USD per credit, which equals 19.99 USD for 1250 credits. Two thousand seven hundred fifty credits cost 0.01 USD per credit, which equals 39.99 USD for 2750 credits.

The paid features are:

  • Users can see who has viewed their profile.
  • Users can highlight their messages in case they want to.
  • Users will know when someone puts them in their favorites list, and they can also see who that person is.
  • On Encounters, even after users have tapped on ‘Yes’ or ‘Maybe,’ they can still undo it.
  • Badoo Premium allows users to surf the site anonymously.
  • All Premium users can text or contact new users first.
  • Badoo Premium users can also send crush alerts to users they like.
  • Users can send gifts to other users once they have taken a premium subscription.
  • Users can also send stickers to other users.
  • The Premium feature increases the popularity of users.

Pricing And It's Amazing features Given To Members

Other Alternative Applications To Explore

There are various alternatives to Badoo. Some of them are:

  • Meow Chat: This app is a cross between dating apps like Tinder, Grindr, etc. and instant messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. This allows users to chat and make connections with whoever they like.
  • Chatous: Chatous is a messaging site where users with the same interests initiate a conversation. Users can talk with people from all over the world.
  • MeetMe: MeetMe helps users chat and connect with people who live nearby or share the same interests.
  • Tinder: Tinder is a dating website where users can swipe left or right to like or dislike a person. Once two users have selected each other, they can then initiate a conversation.
  • Face Chat: This app allows users to chat or video call other users worldwide. Users can also send photos, videos, files, etc. on this app.
  • eHarmony: eHarmony is an online dating website that was founded back in 2000. It is an app where users can indulge in meaningful conversations and form long-term relationships.
  • Fling: Fling allows users to send and receive photos from anyone and everyone, and then users can initiate a conversation if they want to. However, this site was shut down after going through many controversies.
  • Skout: Skout was founded in 2007. It is a social networking and dating website for people who are looking for friendships or relationships.
  • Woo: With this app’s help, women can call and have video chat without sharing their numbers with unknown users. This matchmaking app was founded in 2014.
  • Zoosk: Zoosk is an online dating website that was founded in December 2007. This is an online dating website which is available in 25 different languages across 80 countries! Zoosk helps users to meet their online dating needs.

Other Alternative Applications To Explore

Controversy of Badoo

No such controversies have been found about Badoo till now.

Safety Features of Badoo

In case a user comes across an abuser or someone who’s violating the community guidelines, he needs to fill a feedback page. The user should attach the necessary screenshots or proofs which would help the Badoo team look into it. Various positive Badoo reviews have been found out when it comes to the website’s safety and security.

Users can also report the profile if they want to. The ‘Report Abuse’ option is found in users’ profiles to inform the abusers, manipulators, or violators. They have to select the reason why they are reporting and then click on submit.

In case a user violates the community guidelines or privacy policy, Badoo suspends their profile and no longer has access to their account.

Controversy of Badoo

Measures Taken By The Application To Safeguard The User Data

The very first thing is that the user’s data are not sold or rented to third parties. According to their safety policy, Badoo shares some collected information, like information that is generally not required, with third parties.

Badoo suspends or disables accounts of any users that are found to be inappropriate or fake. A negative Badoo review was found out where a user complained that the website doesn’t remove fake accounts. However, the website said that they couldn’t remove accounts many times because supporting shreds of evidence were not enough.

Overall, Badoo tries its best to remove the inappropriate profiles, but in some cases, due to specific reasons, it fails to do so. So, it has provided a Toll-free number on which users can call and complain about any issues that they are facing while surfing this website, and the Badoo team will take a look at it. In case they find it inappropriate or violating guidelines, they will remove or suspend it.

The website has also provided their email address where users can mail their issues if it is urgent. Once they receive the email, they start investigating the profiles and reach out to help their users. Badoo takes the safety of data of its users very seriously.

Final words

According to the Badoo reviews, it is a fantastic app that connects members who share the same thoughts and likes each other. With the Encounters feature’s help, it’s easy for the members to find matches for themselves. They can find a match with the utmost efficiency. However, Badoo is not suitable for people searching for a partner who remains committed no matter what, a partner for a lifetime, or a severe, long-lasting relationship. But if someone is looking for something more casual and fun, Badoo is an app for them. It is also good for those who want to pass the time without indulging in any commitments.

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