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Apex Review: costs, pros, cons and special features

Apex Review: costs, pros, cons and special features
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Active Audience 53%
Quality Matches 87%
Popular Age 27-30
Profiles 409 800
Reply Rate 90%
Ease of Use 6.7
Popularity 9.4
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The website services are entirely free of cost.
  • Registering on the site is relatively easy and takes less time.
  • It is home to several unique features like the profile rating.
  • The website is home to several successful dating stories.
  • The location feature allows users to find a match near them.
  • Profile search with filters like location, age, sex, etc.
  • The website does not ask for email verification, which brings a large number of fake profiles and scammers.
  • There are no background checks carried out on users.
  • The free service offered brings many scammers that interrupt the user experience.
  • There is no feature for verifying photos. It allows users to fake identities and uses pictures that do not belong to them.
  • The only connection option with other users is through text chats.

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Apex is an excellent platform if you are looking for an exciting time with dating. The app has unique features that increase the excitement of users. It is one of the best places to go if one is looking for dating, hook up, or making new friends.

Developed by enthusiasts linking for an exciting dating platform, Apex offers a variable number of features to try something new out of the dating websites. The website has its share of pros and cons, but it is worth giving a try. At the same time, users should ensure that they do not share private information with someone they met over the Internet through these platforms.

Apex - Everything That Speaks Of Fun

The Working of Apex website

Apex website mainly functions well for those looking for casual relationships and hook up. They have many features that help people connect with their choice profiles and have an engaging online dating experience.

Apex mainly works with a voting system for profiles. Users receive a screen with two random users. They can look through their description, photos, and preferences and like their favorite one among the two. The one who wins goes up the ladder while the other gets pushed down. Thus, users can high up the popularity list based on voting. This feature has allowed users to look for creative, matchmaking ideas.

The voting feature allows users to look through many profiles and find the one that suits them best. The users also can make use of the texting features. Users have to register on the website and create an attractive profile. They will soon be receiving suitable matches and can chat with them.

Apex has over thirty time million users and is open to users of all sexual orientation. Though based in the US, the website has users coming from around the world.

Apex also has location-based matchmaking. The local matchmaking helps users find people closer to their location and meet up with real dates. The profile search is also provided with filters like location, sexual orientation, and age.

The Working of Apex website

Easy Registration Process

Registering on the Apex website is relatively easy. This Apex review gives the basic requirements that are required for the process. There are some general questions asked for enhancing the dating experience. Users just offered to go to the registration page to sign up.

Apex website initially asks for gender and gender preference. Then, one has to provide a valid email id. However, there is no need to verify the email id.

After providing the email id, users can set up a username and password for their profile. It is preferred to choose a catchy username to do well in the voting. There are suggestions to help users with this. Also, users have to ensure that they keep a unique password for their profile.

After creating the profile, users will be asked to provide their birthday and location. This is to help find suitable matches around you in similar age groups. Users can then add their photos and profile description. Note to add classy images, which can help you gain more votes in the polls. Also, keep your profile quite interesting to have more profile views and increase the popularity scale.

There are several profile questions in Apex. Users can choose to skip many of the questions. However, answering them would help others on the platform to understand your preferences and habits. It would be much helpful in finding suitable matches. The Apex review states that the algorithm helps find suitable partners and works based on these questions’ answers.

Easy Registration Process

Messaging Feature On Apex

The Apex website has a messaging feature that allows users to communicate with other profiles. The users can only make use of text messages. There are no features for audio or video calls.

At the same time, messaging other users comes free of cost. Users can send messages to their matched profiles instantly. The website supports healthy conversations without any fraud or scam services.

Users of Apex can search for other profiles by making use of the search feature. The profiles can also be filtered based on various categories of age, sexual preferences, or location. Once a user finds a profile of their choice, they can instantly message the other person. If the other user likes them back, they can engage in a conversation. If possible, they could even meet up with real dates.

Messaging Feature On Apex

Member search To Find Suitable Matches On Apex

Apex helps its users to find suitable matches easily. Their search filter is quite helpful in this. The users can go through the profile, photos, description, and preferences. It would also help them know more about these profiles to check if they are a suitable match.

One main advantage of the search option is the filtered search. The filtered search allows users to search for profiles based on name, location, sex, age, and even photos. Moreover, it has helped many users to find their right match. The Apex platform also has a ‘nearby’ feature that allows users to find profiles close to their location. It helps users to find hook up opportunities close to them quickly. The application will be beneficial if the user can find the members in and around the area. There are many filtering options with which they can find out their favorite profiles from the vast number of profiles that they see on the website. Also, during the member search, the users should remember that this application’s diversity is relatively high, which means they will have to look for the filter options if they want to have a suitable match that would help them with their references.

Member search To Find Suitable Matches On Apex

Mobile Application of Apex

Apex website mainly functions through a mobile application for Android and iOS devices. The mobile app is available for download from Google Play Store and Apple App Store free of cost. The app has excellent features that allow users to have one of the best dating experiences. Apart from the mobile application, users can also open the platform on the browser. It also has a website browser service. The ease of use is what is majorly preferred by the customers, according to the Apex reviews.

The Apex mobile app helps users to have a great dating experience on the go. After downloading the app from the platforms, users can create their profile and look through other profiles. Users will gradually receive matches, like, and chat with suitable profiles.

The mobile application allows users to remain signed in and receive instant notifications related to their profile activity. Users also receive information for any messages sent by any other users.

The mobile applications are designed with a neat appearance. The interface is immaculate and straightforward, and all the features are organized well. Users can easily find their way about in the application.

The application has all the features of the desktop site. The ‘nearby’ feature allows users to find matches based on their location. There are also search filters to find suitable profiles.

Users can send messages to their matches immediately. The mobile application allows users to stay in touch with their matches continuously. They receive notifications instantly. Thus they stay in contact all the time. At the same time, it is to note that text messages are the only means of communication.

The mobile application also has a voting system. This allows users to come up with the polls based on their popularity among the users. The users receive a choice of two profiles. They can go through the photos and descriptions of both profiles. Based on their preferences, they can further cast their like for either of the users. The voted profiles go high up in the just while the other profile goes down in the ranking.

Users create interesting profiles to fare better in the voting feature. Choosing sleek usernames and uploading great photos can increase popularity and attract other users to their profile.

It is about the user’s effort that they will be able to find suitable matches as quickly as possible. And people find the profile genuine only when there is effort involved in coming up with a better username and an attractive description that might reveal their attitude.

Mobile Application of Apex

Special Features of Apex

There are many unique features on the Apex website. Some of these are as follows:

  1. Profiles Based On Voting: This is the most liked feature of Apex. The most desired profile comes on the top. The profiles are ranked based on votes, and even the site shows two pictures. The selected profile gets an upvote, whereas the one which is not selected gets a vote down. This way, the profile that gets the maximum number of votes gets on the top, which eases matchmaking options. Apart from being a unique feature, this also makes it quite interesting to deal with. The website members are mostly invested in spending time with the voting feature and finding out if the profile could be suitable.
  2. Local Matchmaking: Apex generally focuses on finding matches nearby. With the help of the search option, people can search for other people and their location. People can also search for people living nearby. Many dating websites fail because they do not provide any location-based services that might help people looking for hookups and real-time dating.
  3. Messaging: With this feature, people can start a conversation with anyone they like and at any time they like. After having conversations, they can either go for hookups or dating. This feature helps people to communicate with the people they want. After the user has gone through the list of members through filtered search and other voting features, they can initiate a chat whenever possible.
  4. Free service: Apex website is all free for users. No money gets charged for downloading or installing Apex. Users can also register, find matches, have a conversation, upload pictures, etc. without paying for it.
  5. Report: Using the report option, users can report accounts that they think violate guidelines. They can bring the account to the moderator’s notice by reporting. Any profile that goes against the policies of this site gets removed instantly.

Special Features of Apex

Costs and Prices of Apex Website

The dating website, Apex, is free. This means users don’t have to pay for registering on this site. There are various features that the users enjoy for free. They are:

  1. The registration on this site is free. Anyone who wants to join this site can, without thinking much.
  2. Users can send messages to anyone they like. Apex doesn’t impose any restrictions on them.
  3. Users can search for anyone they want. They can also look for people living nearby. When a user uses the search option, he can find the profile (if available) and the location of the person he was searching for.
  4. On Apex, users can know and see other users who love them.
  5. Block option enables users to block anyone they don’t like or find someone engaging in inappropriate activities, and they can block them.
  6. Users have the option of reporting other users that they find to have inappropriate content.
  7. There’s no restriction when it comes to uploading pictures. Users can upload as many images as they want.
  8. Members can view other members’ profiles and photos.
  9. If a user wants to stop using the site, he can delete his account anytime he wants. Moreover, it allows deleting all his information from the site.
  10. The contact support is all time available. Users can contact them anytime they want.

However, Apex also has a paid subscription option. It prevents advertisements from popping up while browsing. Users with this feature can talk to anyone they want. Also, an advanced search option appears after taking the subscription, and users can use various options to search for multiple other users.

It costs 10.98 USD per month if the subscription is taken for six months altogether. It costs a total of 65.90 USD. For a year subscription, Apex charges 1.91 USD per month and totals 22.95 USD for 12 months. Users can also take a subscription of 24 months altogether. It costs 0.75 USD per month. This means, for a subscription of 24 months, users will have to pay 17.95 USD only.

Costs and Prices of Apex Website

Alternatives of Apex

Various similar apps like Apex are available. Some of them are:

  1. Hinge: Hinge is a dating app for people looking for relationships rather than hookups. It was founded in 2012. This is an app available only on iPhones or Android.
  2. Badoo: Badoo was founded in 2006. This app is used to find people nearby having similar interests and thoughts. It can be used if someone has visited a new country and is looking to connect to people for an event.
  3. OkCupid: OkCupid was launched in 2004. It is a social networking website for people who are looking for online dating, friendships, etc. This app has an option of multiple-choice questions with the help of which perfect matches are found.
  4. Grindr: This app is designed for gay, bi, trans and queer people. It was founded back in 2009. This is currently the most famous app for gay men.
  5. Plenty of Fish: Plenty of Fish was launched in 2003. It is a dating website for singles who are looking for relationships. Users of this site can find matches and communicate with whoever they want for free.
  6. Bumble: Bumble was founded in 2014. Users can swipe right or left to approve or disapprove profiles. When two users have liked each other’s profile, it’s considered a match, and then they can start talking.

Alternatives of Apex

Controversy About The Working Of Apex

No such controversies have been found about Apex till now. However, it does have some cons.

  1. No email verification is asked for at the time of registration. This makes way for scammers.
  2. The site does not do background checks. So, many a time, fake accounts are not removed.
  3. Since no amount of money is charged for downloading, installing, and registering; many users join it with intentions other than dating.
  4. Profile pictures are not verified, so many profiles have been found out using photos of someone else.

Security And Privacy Features Of Apex Website

People are very much concerned about security and safety. The first thing that anyone should do before joining any dating website is to check its security features. People who are wishing to join Apex or any other site for that matter should always check out the app’s security features. Users can talk to the Apex help center if they face a problem on the site. One should always listen to their sixth sense if they start feeling uneasy or unsafe on this site. In case a fake ID is reported and closed, that would be a favorite for everyone.

So, everybody should report anything that they think is inappropriate or do not follow community guidelines, and Apex will remove that account. If someone wants to leave Apex for specific reasons, they can delete their account, and all the user activity gets deleted. Apex tries its best to remove any unwanted charges and make the app a safe place for everyone. However, sometimes they fail to do so, and for that, they have provided customer support numbers and email IDs. Users can contact that number anytime they want to.

Protective measures Apex take’s to keep the users’ data safe

Apex is very conscious of the safety of its users. It removes anything that it finds to be going against its community guidelines. Users have to report anything that seems inappropriate.

Apex removes every account that goes against its guidelines. However, many times, since it doesn’t do background checks, many inappropriate accounts are not removed. For that matter, Apex has its customer care email ID where users can mail their problems, and Apex moderator looks into it, and Apex reviews prove the same. It also has a toll-free complaint number where users can call and tell their problems.

Not a single negative Apex review has been found where people were complaining about its security. Many positive Apex reviews have been received when it comes to keeping the data safe.


Apex is a super cool website for people looking forward to going into relationships or for people who are just finding a chance to hookup. Its spectacular features keep the members glued to their phones. This website has created for a worldwide clientele, & it seems like the website is performing successfully acing its motive.

Nowadays, Apex is working a lot on its mobile app, a plus for its subscribers. This is because people like mobile applications more than the website as it’s more convenient. Apex is expanding, and thousands of people join it every month. It is a good app for looking for friends, better half, or just hookups.

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