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Apex is an excellent platform if you are looking for an exciting time with dating. The app has unique features that increase the excitement of users. It is one of the best places to go if one is looking for dating, hook up, or making new friends. Developed by enthusiasts linking for an exciting dating platform, Apex offers a variable...

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Badoo is the solution to all the dating-related yearnings now. Founded in 2006, Badoo was first launched in Russia and gained a massive fan following. It had been ranked as one of the most well known and widely used dating websites. In 2016 it was the most downloaded application in around 21 countries. That goes to show how dedicated this...

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The Kik website is mostly an online cross-platform application used for communicating with friends in group chats or direct messages. It's available for both iOS and Android users. Whereas in the first look, the Kik website will appear to be a standard electronic communication app in which users can click in to check in with their names, email-id, etc. However,...

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If you are contemplating kinky dating sites, you might want to try Fetlife. It is a hookup platform for all people in different communities. It is more of a social network that offers an alternative for different people, including BDSM, fetish, and people with similar interests to find and connect with like-minded people. You will meet different kinky characters that...

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Chat Avenue

Chat Avenue is considered one of the oldest and conventional virtual chatting sites available on the Internet. It is a user-friendly interactive site that operates almost worldwide, and English is the common language used for communication between the members all across the world. People can join any chat room and have fun. There are altogether 19 chat rooms enabling different...

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As anyone can guess by the name, Squirt is an adult dating website focused on people who would like to have casual sex than hookups. The website is full of hot people looking for hookups and no commitment. The site has been catering to such people, meaning it might not be suitable for people looking for long-term partnerships. However, for...

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OurTime is a mature dating app that helps users in their 50's, 60's, and beyond to find a meaningful connection. If the users are in their 50's, 60's, or beyond, they can still find a dating partner using the OurTime dating app. OurTime is #1 over 50 dating apps for mature men and women. Even if you are divorced, unmarried,...

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Are you looking for something steamy to spice up your life? Well, then you are in luck because LiveJasmin will give just exactly what they need. LiveJasmin is an adult website that provides users with a live streaming facility that features nudity, striptease, dirty talk, masturbation, and even sexual intercourse. Founded in the early 2000's it is an adult live...

While to some, the best online dating sites are hookup sites; to others, it may be romantic sites. In the same vein, it could be websites with paid subscription features, or you guessed it, the best free online dating sites.

There is a list of dating websites that ranks your scale of preference. This list of online dating has been compiled based on the reviews of members, security provisions, special features, and the ratio of legit users to scam users on these dating sites.

Have you had terrible experiences with online dating? Perhaps, all the dating sites you’ve been on have never suited your personality. Then, you’re in luck because, at the end of this read, you will exactly choose the best dating site for you.

  • Bumble

Without further ado, we will kick off with a review of Bumble. If you’re a woman in search of a free online dating app with time bars, then Bumble is the app for you. The website is designed in such a way that the females reach out to male users. READ FULL REVIEW

If you don’t get a reply back in less than 24 hours, the male user loses the match. The Bumble app places this time restriction to help you limit your choices to serious and dedicated matches only. What if you got a hookup date because you were horny? Things like these are time-barred.

  • Tinder

Do you procrastinate? Bumble is not the app for you, but Tinder may be your plug for online dating. If you are searching for short-term or long-term relationships, casual hookups, or long romantic relationships, then Tinder is one of the best online dating sites for you.

To compare with Bumble, Tinder doesn’t have time restrictions. It allows for instant messaging and quick chatting and it is easy to use features make it the best dating site for newbies. Tinder profiles are precise, and this eradicates or, at the very least, minimizes indecisiveness.

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  • Coffee meets Bagel
Coffee meets Bagel

This dating site allows for in-depth profiles, and it is the best plug to break the ice. The match name feature on CMB makes it almost impossible for users to skip their perfect match. READ FULL REVIEW

  • The League
The League

Are you a person with a high-class profile? Be rest assured! The League is for you. Even among the best dating sites finding intellectuals with high intuitions and personalities poses a challenge. But not with this dating site. READ FULL REVIEW

  • HER

If you have a homosexual orientation, this site will fit you because it is one of the best dating sites for lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, and queer communities. READ FULL REVIEW

  • eHarmony.

Are you tired of having relationships in dating websites that never lead anywhere? Then you’re in luck because eHarmony provides a forum for users to have long-lasting relationships that end in marriage. It is one of the best online dating sites that have the largest population of users that tied the knot. READ FULL REVIEW

When was Online Dating Started?

When was Online Dating Started

Have you ever wondered what initiated dating apps? It’s no puzzle. As far back as the 17th century, there have been subtle hints of online dating sites. In 1685, the first personal ad publication was openly made, where people could meet each other.

In 1700, there was a different approach. This era was characterized by homosexuals who were scared of prosecution and had to resort to hidden coded messages on printed newspapers. There were no dating sites, dating apps, or dating websites, but this served as an opportunity for them to hook up and find spouses, especially since there was the existence of a “Molly House” to serve as the meeting ground.

A couple of decades later, in 1727, Helen Morrison took a bold step to advertise her matchmaking intentions openly. Helen got attention quite alright, but it was not the kind she envisaged. Huffington post uploaded an article confirming that the mayor sent Helen to an asylum to rehabilitate for a month. Compare that era to this 21st Century when online dating is more than normal.

Marriage Gazette and The Wedding Bell were some of the publications that propagated the popularity of personal ads in the 1800s. It slowly graduated from the upper class to the lower class and cut across both noblemen and women until those with intent to scam began to take advantage of people searching for genuine love.

However, there is a slight similarity with this 1800 era and even the current best online dating sites. With the popularity and an increase of users comes fakes and scam users. In the same era, around 1870, the publications took a bigger step.

It slowly deviated from a free matchup to a prepaid one. While it remained exclusively free for ladies, the Matrimonial News San Francisco made male singles pay a meager quarter. You should compare that to current premium subscriptions of the best dating sites.

The next century came with a burning increase in the popularity of personal ads to the extent that even World War 1 soldiers engaged in it to connect with their wives, friends, and acquaintances. There was also an increase in illegal gay hookups and, in turn, a more scrutinized investigation into “The Link” in 1921 that eventually led to its shutdown.

The evolution started with the company “Introduction” in Newark, New Jersey, as the first of its kind to pair people using data. If you were a person in need of a social partner, platonic, or romantic relationship in the 1940s, it would have cost you a quarter to find a suitable match based on data from Introduction. It developed into an automated matchmaking site after a project review by Phil Fialer and Jim Harvey, who were Stanford students at the time.

In 1965, Operation Match was created by Harvard Students Jeff Tarr and Vaughan Morrill to connect people using a questionnaire and IBM computer at a fee of $3. From 65 to 90s, the internet swept the world off its feet, leading to the development of the World Wide Web. It wasn’t long before singles could connect using Prodigy and Craigslist.

The first online dating site was officially launched in 1995, and it created an environment for full matches. made the subtle versions of online dating less archaic, and for a first, it nailed the matchmaking process. Age, race, sex, location, habits, and personality became criteria for matches, and this was more than an improvement. has since been a template for all dating sites and hookup sites, even what now suffices as the best online dating sites.

When was Mobile Dating Apps Started?

The best free online dating sites and fee-based dating websites are more often than not accompanied by dating apps. History dates back this feature to when smartphones stormed the world in 2007. Another remarkable feature of the year 2007 was the inception of the Zoosk dating app.

It was the first online dating site to take dating to the next level with the mobile app feature. Android and IOS users had access to Zoosk dating app from anywhere in the world using their smartphones.

How we knew about the best dating sites and dating apps

How we knew about the best dating sites and dating apps?

It is natural for humans to desire the best. As regards online dating, the criteria for the best are not farfetched. The best online dating sites are ranked based on accessibility, mobility, design and interface, usability, and of course, safety and security.

Special features and the existence of mobile apps are added benefits. However, free dating websites cannot be disregarded. The best free online dating sites are websites that do not come off as cheap. The ability to render quality regardless is essential.

To compare dating sites, it was also expedient to take note of reviews from its users, the spree of legit users and scam users, and of course, audience quality and monthly downloads.

Types of Online Dating Websites

It is no news to all and sundry that not everyone on a dating site is on there to find love. The interest of members of any dating website differs. This singular fact is the reason why online dating has grown to accommodate your needs. There are dating sites suitable for multi-purposes. For teenagers, we found dating sites like OkZoomer and Tinychat.

If you are all about dating and the long term relationships, here’s a list of preferable dating sites.

  • OkCupid
  • Zoosk
  • Match
  • eHarmony
  • EliteSingles
  • POF
  • Hinge

If you are someone above 40 seeking for a non-judgemental comfortable dating site, then here’s a list of the best options amongst dating websites.

  • Tinder
  • Bumble
  • Lumen
  • Match

On the contrary, if you’re not very patient and you want an online dating website that can be termed a hookup site, you can satisfy your raging hormones using websites like:

  • MeetMe
  • Plenty of Fish.

If you belong to the LGBTQ clan and you’ve had trouble belonging in an online dating app, then you should know that there are also apps that cater to the needs of the Rainbow community. Some of which include:

  • HER
  • PinkCupid
  • Transgenderdate

It is needless to point out the unfeasibility of listing over 2500 dating websites available worldwide. Summarily, online dating websites prepare for a wide range of possibilities.

So whether your interest is primarily long term relationships, hookups, platonic meets or business conferencing, and chat rooms, you are sure to find what you’re searching for. Even while searching for a dating app most suitable for finding a marriage partner or the most successful dating apps in the game, the clustered or less populated websites, there is always a legit online dating app available at your disposal.

It is important to reiterate that online dating is not restricted in possibilities. Your preference primarily determines your choice. Notwithstanding, here is a list of the most popular dating sites based on reviews made in 2020.

  • EliteSingles, popular for its accommodation of career-oriented users
  • Ashley Madison, popular for adult hookups
  • AdultFriendFinder, equally popular for adult hookups
  • eHarmony, popular for most matches that led to matrimony
  • Guardian Soulmates, popular especially in the UK for matches who are degree holders and Guardian readers
  • Match, popular for its user-friendly features

Hookup Websites

Hormones rage, and it’s natural. Sometimes it’s because you are a Casanova who is not interested in long term relationships but needs to get on it to ease off. Regardless, there are dating websites available just to meet your needs. You would have to skip the dates and deep conversations because chances are your match is on the dating site for the same reason. Here is a trusted, safe, and secure list of online hookup sites.

  • iHookup

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your house using this dating site because it is best known for sexting. You may want to ejaculate without paying for an uber, burning fuel, or getting out of bed. iHookup allows for a sexting platform where you to please yourself however you deem necessary.

  • Match

The truth is that not all mature singles are ready to tie the knot. The Match is one of the best online dating sites that offer a polished and easy interface and simultaneously allows you to get laid.

GOOD FOR Finding and dating an attractive Russian and Ukrainian ladies
  • Pure

Don’t be misled by the name Pure! This dating website guarantees hookups with no emotional attachments. It is one of the best hookup sites to get friends with benefits and instant sex dates without fear of getting stuck in a sticky dilemma. READ FULL REVIEW

  • Gay Friend Finder is suitable for gay singles who want to get laid.

  • ALT for BDSM

  • 99 Flavors are suitable for people with open relationships. This way, you can find hookup matches for yourself and your partner inclusive.

  • Clover is suitable for hookups with emotional attachments. If your personality doesn’t permit you to hook up with strangers without feeling attached in one way or another, then Clover is for you.

Dating Sites for Christian

Have you ever crossed out the thought of signing up for a dating website? Is it because of your faith as a Christian and your stereotypical belief that all dating sites are immoral and explicit? You have been searching in the wrong places.

You might want to reconsider because there is a long list of online dating websites with excellent reviews for Christians. The common base is that they are all dating sites developed to find godly and long-lasting relationships.

  • Christian Mingle is the first on the list. It has a total of 2.5 million users monthly and an 8.7 out of 10 ratings.
  • ChristianPeopleMeet is a close second. It has a Tinder vibe, 300,000 monthly members, and an 8.6 rating.
  • is pretty similar to Christian Mingle and even owned by it.
  • BigChurch
  • Love and Seek
  • ChristianCrush
  • LDS Singles is primarily a matchmaking app for brethren of Latter-Day Saint Church.
  • Christian
  • Christian Matchmaker.

Elite Dating Websites

As an individual searching for like-minded intellectual and aristocratic personalities in an online dating website, you are sure to find a suitable match in one of these elite dating sites.

  • With Hinge, you are sure to get users in for serious relationships.
  • The League creates a common room for people with set standards.
  • Bumble is most suitable if you are a self-assured woman on a dating website.
  • Coffee meets Bagel.
  • HER is one of the best online dating websites best for the LGBTQ community.
  • eHarmony is the most elite app if you want to get married.

Dating Sites for Gays & Lesbians

Indeed, homosexuality is no longer illegal. The Rainbow community has been given liberty even in online dating, especially if you compare it with the medieval times. However, it may pose a little challenge to find acceptance. Are you a lesbian? Then you should try these dating websites:

  • BiCupid with a variety of communication features primarily for bisexual men and women. READ FULL REVIEW

Likewise, if you’re a gay single looking to find casual or serious relationships, you should visit one of these dating sites. You don’t have to worry about mobility because there are available dating apps for smartphones.

  • Gaystryst

Like most dating websites, Gaystryst offers communication features and premium subscription plans for users. One distinct feature is the addition of a security measure “Safe mode” to ensure you are under the umbrella of a legit gay dating website. READ FULL REVIEW

  • Buddygays

Another gay online dating site is Buddygays. With over 300,000 male users, membership is made easy. There are games like “Cute or not” for your entertainment and “Tribe” options to boost compatibility.

  • Grindr

Grindr undoubtedly has the largest number of users and the highest engagements. It operates a location-based match system, and with over 3 million members, you are still guaranteed to find a match.

Free Dating Websites

It’s free! Any human will jump on these words. However, how do you get quality without spending? How do you avoid fake dating websites and dating apps under the guise of no payment? We have you a list of some of the best free dating sites.

  • Pure
  • Coffee meets Bagel
  • Transgenderdate
  • Plenty of Fish

It is amazing; you don’t have to upgrade to premium packages to enjoy its special features.

Dating apps: Best apps vs Free

Features like messaging, profile creation, and member search are first free in all of the best online dating website. However, while some of these dating websites like Transgenderdate are entirely free with special features inclusive, some others like eHarmony have subscription plans and upgrades to unlock such special features.

Now, the best dating sites are not necessarily the ones with subscription plans. They should be picked based on the one that best suits you in terms of design, mobility, usability, and audience quality.

How much do the best dating apps cost?

Best is a subjective term, but based on users’ reviews, here is a list of the best legit dating sites that offer premium plans.

  • Tinder: $9.99 for under the 30s and $19.99 for over 30s.
  • OkCupid offers a $9.99 monthly subscription.
  • Bumble at $24.99 monthly for time extensions
  • eHarmony offers a monthly and quarterly plan at $59.95 and $29.95, respectively.
Which of the dating sites are legit

Which of the dating sites are legit?

A lot! The number of available online dating sites with legit and secure measures is limitless. While it is almost impossible to spoon out fake users with intent to scam entirely, the best free dating sites, hookup sites, and generally, the best online dating sites go the extra mile to tighten safety and security.

How to be safe when online dating

It is better to be safe than to be sorry. You can encounter fake users, even in the best dating websites. It can be avoided, you know. Just take these measures:

  • Research
  • No video chats; no first date.
  • Avoid carpooling.
  • Have a public meet.
  • Keep records of your conversation.
  • Introduce a third party.
  • Keep sensitive information private.
  • Always be sober.
  • Tasers and pepper spray in your clutch is never a bad idea.

Be cautious with your personal information

It is very important! You should be super careful with your private information. It is called online dating for a reason. There will be scam users.

The best free online dating sites or prepaid dating websites have built-in security measures, but there are always reviews from unsatisfied customers. If that information costs you, don’t let it out!

Organize your meeting in a public place

Did you find a perfect match on your dating website? Are you confused about the perfect first date? You can go all out if you’re a helpless romantic but arrange to meet in a public place.

Rather than Netflix and chill, you can have a picnic in a public park. Rather than dinner at your place or your partner’s, have dinner at a restaurant. Remember, the devil you know is better than the angel you do not.

Inform your friend

When you go on a date with a stranger, you should send a picture of your date, contact information, and the location of your data to your best friend. You can never be too careful when it comes to online dating.

You shouldn’t be afraid to leave

Did he seem like the perfect match on the dating app? Or did you find her on a hookup site? Is the date not going as expected? Is your date creepy or acting suspicious? Well, then leave.

The trick with dating websites and dating apps is people are not always what they seem. If you can’t honestly excuse yourself from the date, the bathroom and home emergency trick never fail.

Travel there and back alone

People travel across the world for romantic dates or booty calls. A perfect match for either purpose can be found in one of the best online dating sites. There are even specific dating websites that use location-based match system.

Regardless, there are times when your ideal match is continents away. What do you do under such given circumstances? Travel there and back by yourself? Well, yes, because nobody likes a third wheel but no because your safety is paramount.

Having a meeting with a stranger is risky, and if things go south, it is difficult for your friends and family who are miles away to intervene. Strike a balance. Do not overpack, make proper plans, use travel guides, and have a friend tag along to that city. It doesn’t mean they have to go on your date with you.

How to have a successful first date

The crucial key to the first dates is to be you. Dating apps and dating websites are good avenues to get the first date. If you want a long term relationship, the first date is paramount to having a second. Here are a few things you should note:

  • Show up in the right outfit and on time.
  • Be a good listener. Nobody likes a chatterbox.
  • Have a prepared topic of discussions to avoid awkward silence.
  • Be spontaneous when needed.
  • Be open-minded.
  • Reply to conversations with energy
  • Showcase your personality.
  • Don’t leave your purse behind. Be open to being splitting the bills.

Don’t stalk on social media

In this age and time, online dating is on the increase. You can find whatever you need in the best online dating sites, even marriage. So, why stalk someone’s profile or social media page when you could just send a message and have conversations. Resist the urge to stalk because slowly, you become an obsessed psychopath.

Pick a comfort

When you compare reviews made by users of dating sites, it is only natural to discover that users only subscribe to the dating websites that suit their comfort. If you’ve been reading this article, you should know at this juncture the app that suits your schedule and personality. Don’t leave a bad review on a dating app you know was never going to work for you.

You Need to Try a Confidence Exercise

Signing up for a dating site requires a lot of self-confidence. Smile, run it through your friends or confidence buddy, do a power pose, have a self pep talk but be certain that this is a decision you’re ready to take.

Have a laugh

There are no bans on having a good time on any dating site. The best online dating sites offer a variety of fun and appealing way for users to connect. You can only be bored if you are a dormant user. Even in private chats or chat rooms, you can have topic-based conversations, get movie suggestions, and laugh.

Try to Use body language

Avoid being two-faced. You may not be a complete open book when it comes to dating websites but do not be a cunny user either. Make use of open body language and be direct in your approach.

You should to Pay Attention

A person who pays attention to details is honestly a gem. If you want to sign up for any of the best free online dating sites, you must be very careful with even the littlest of details.

Don’t Hesitate to Ask Questions

It is okay to learn, unlearn, and relearn. You don’t wait till you’re stuck in a dilemma before you inquire about dating sites and dating websites. A review by other users is sometimes very useful.

Be Positive and Optimistic

If you want to join the league of online dating, you must be spontaneous, creative, and positive. Be open to ideas and matches.

You Have to Split the Bill

If you have found your soul mate on a dating website, your first date is important. You can be a person who loves to be taken care of, but you also have to give off your independence. Don’t be proud or rude, but be ready to split those bills as opposed to the gender assigned roles.

Follow up

Did you have a splendid first date with your online dating match? Well, then what are you waiting for? Follow that date up with a second. It may just be the beginning of your forever ever.

Bots and Spam

It is safe to say that bots are not illegal in the natural world, but it is inappropriate, especially with online dating and hooks up sites. It is synonymous with creating a fake user account as opposed to a legit one, and that makes you a scam in the online dating world.

The experts’ thoughts about dating sites

Having an expert opinion is not seamless. In online dating, women are more likely to have insecurities than men. Notwithstanding, your online dating experience is what you make of it. With an outstanding personality, the right personal safety measures, and of course, the best online dating site, you are more than assured of your desires met.